Strange repelling behavior at station and gates

I already reported the bugs, but was wondering if anyone else is having the same issues.

  1. Station docking: Try to dock at zero (on station) and the ship sort of stalls out and then is repelled from the station 50k, no docking messages, etc… , can’t change directions or stop the ship. modules still work and I can warp away after a short while. Log out and back in, then I can dock.

  2. Same thing happens on Travel gates, although not as often.

During my last 5 hours of play, it has happened 6 times at random, in two different ships.


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Ultimate kiting/getaway bug ?

Use it to your advantage in pvp imo

Should only happen if you for some reason land inside the station/gate geometry, are you warping to them at zero or are you using a bookmark, i have a few instadocks that ping me off if i’m not fast enough :stuck_out_tongue:


Repelling behavior at station? Were you at jita?

Sorry, resistance was futile.


Maybe try ‘Clearing All Cache Files’ in Esc menu and also ‘Verify Integrity’ in the Launcher ‘Shared Cache’ menu.

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