Strategy for independent salvagers in Invasion systems

I’ve implemented this strategy successfully in Raravoss earning about 80mil ISK in one hour. Results may vary and your ship may get blown up.

The main idea:
Salvage is valuable, especially Triglavian salvage, although I expect that it will drop in value now that the invasion has significantly ramped up. You are independent of the struggle and you are only looking to make ISK. This means avoiding the big bubble fleets, although it could be useful to join in one of the big public fleets, so you have better chances to loot on top of your salvaging operations.

You are following in the wake of the main fleet, jumping in the zones after they leave.

The secret is in making bookmarks and following the progress of the sites.

If you are familiar with exploring, this will be easier for you.


  1. Open your agency window to see the nearest invasion system.
  2. Buy and fit a destroyer with something similar to this fit (you could make changes according to the amount of targets that you can sustain, and potentially give yourself inertia stabilizers to decrease your align time.)
  3. Go to the system
  4. Warp to a random planet and make a bookmark half-way.
  5. Warp to another random planet and make another bookmark half way. (these are your safe bookmarks)
  6. Go to your safe place and open the solar system map and probe panel (Alt+P)
  7. Bookmark every visible event on the map.
  8. Wait for one of the events to “end”
  9. Warp to the bookmark.
  10. Loot and salvage whatever you can (being a part of the local public fleet helps with avoiding looting suspect timer)
  11. Once you are done go to a local POS, warp and deposit cargo, then go back to your safe spot. Alternatively you can leave the system (you might get gate camped) to store your valuables out of the system.
  12. Rinse and Repeat

Note: EDENCOM dominated systems should be more profitable because of the generally more valuable Triglavian salvage, however you should run into increased competition.
Triglavian dominated systems are more dangerous, but there is less competition and you still run into Triglavian ships.

Avoid other players at all costs, but don’t be afraid of other salvagers. You can swoop in and out pretty fast. The investment is minimal and the payout is decent.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Nice, so basically you’re being a Ninja Salvager.

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I’m new so what do you mean by’warp to a random planet and make a bookmark halfway’? Halfway to or from what?

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Make a bookmark while you are in warp, so that it is a bookmark in the middle of nowhere.

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Okay, thank you.

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nice :slight_smile:

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This only works if the fleets in the system are actually taking care of the spawns. Rakovene is very slow now, since the fleets are focused on taking down the main challenge which is behind a gate. That means added danger for no extra reward.

ISK per hour takes a massive hit if this starts to happen.

Possibly the best type of system is where the invasion has just started.

To much is wasted and left behind.
When I was fighting I would make all the wrecks blue just as we warped to the next site. Others should do the same.

Let’s help these guys out.


Zero Risk Looting:

  1. set medical clone to a local structure and get in your free corvette
  2. shoot 1 edencom ship (and die). you will now be neutral to both trigs and edencom. you only need to do this once - ever.
  3. go to each belt or planet and loot any wrecks you like. when the npc’s fight each other, the wrecks are all blue. the npc’s kill each other all day long.
  4. if someone kills you, get in your next free corvette and go to step 3.

each decent npc battle will drop 5-10mil in triglavian surveys alone.
you can use a 1 day old alt with zero skills.

edit: being neutral to both sides sounds like something that shouldn’t happen. maybe it won’t stay this way?

Yeah, CCP recently changed the game mechanics so players can’t be neutral to both Triglavian and EDENCOM NPC’s.

Yeah I wondered why I was all of a sudden red to Edencom.

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Yes you can still be neutral to both sides.

Sitting the middle of a trig v edencom NPC fight while looting both sides and watching others have to warp off gives me much smugface

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