Stratios PVE Fit Help

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I want to do some low sec exploration and DED sites and fancied the Stratios. Would anyone be able to help with a fit or would a different ship be better?

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t3 cruiser is better

give more details
for example: which npcs?


Stratios vs Serpentis lowsec is not that good.
It can’t do 5/10, 6/10 is not worth it, and the various unrated sites take too long to be done in it.
3/10 would be fast-ish (not as fast as RLML orthrus) and 4/10 would be ok overall if you knew the site.
Serpentis Watch would be hard, Vigil would be fine-ish (but not as good as missile boats).

Proteus/Tengu would probably serve you better.
Another thing to consider is that gallente lowsec is somewhat busy, and you want to not be tied up with drones, missiles and mwd allows you to clear the warpin-point much faster.


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