Strongbox volume changes not

Cancel the increase in volume to strongboxes, and instead reduce the sphere of the wreck of sotiyos by 30km.

This gives a very clear advantage to the group running the sotiyo while still leaving a slim chance for ninja looting.

Please dont make this game more kitty safe

If typos sorry in advance this ws on phone

Can you explain how increasing the Strongbox volume makes the game more “safe”?

The change in the patch notes is made to comfort a small group of people thinking the ability for ninja looting is too high (chance of), without actually trying to counter said people.

By increasing the volume it not only decreases peoples ability to ninjaloot, it makes it almost entirely impossible. Essentially providing locals with 100% control of the loot which is not in the spirit of Eve Online (or atleast what the spirit used to be).

Ok, but where in all of what you said does Eve get “safer”?

By once again reducing the ability for parties to interfere with eachother in other ways than just “shooting”. And entirely eliminating the ability to “steal” from eachtother"

What would your idea be to make it “less safe” then?
This seems to make the game not safer, but less safer.

From what I can tell, there was a guy who had a 93% success rate at stealing blueprint copies. Now there’s greater risk since you need to use a Freighter, instead of just a DST. I feel like this change has made that particular style of gameplay less safer.

Or am I missing something?

Yes THAT particular playstyle is now less safe, but thats a change that affects like 2-3 people, while it gets vastly safer for all other parties.

The argument used to make this change is based in “there is no counter” which is entirely untrue", and it simply once again falls into benefiting the big null blocs of new eden.

I’m not sure where your claim of “safer” comes in play. The people attacking the FOBs still have the same risk. In fact, it’s less safer since they now need to escort and protect a freighter.

Can you please explain how it’s “safer” because I’m not seeing it.

You seem to be attempting to bait significantly so I am going to end the conversation here have a nice day.

I’m just asking you to explain how it’s “safer”.
If you can’t explain how it’s “safer”, then you’re the one who is just baiting.

It still takes the same amount of work to kill a FOB. You still need to risk the same ships and the same numbers to do so. Nothing about attacking an FOB has changed to make it ‘safer’.

Please explain how making the Strongbox bigger makes it

“VASTLY SAFER” for “all other parties”.

Can you, or can you not explain what you mean by “VASTLY SAFER”?

They are at no risk of losing the loot to other players. As i said in the original post.

I mean, that’s objectively wrong. Someone can still come in and steal it with their own freighter, or you can light a cyno with a Recon and drop a Dread to kill the freighter so that no one can get it. There’s a bunch of stuff you can do, including killing the other players.

But you seem dead set on whining and crying about it.

Good luck in life if this is how you’re gonna react to a minor little change in a video game, I guess.

It’s a good change, to be honest. People have to drop capitals on an NPC structure, and grind it to destruction (which isn’t the funniest activity, let’s be honest), just to get all their work stolen by a single pilot, which was quite hard to counter because of the sheer radius of a Sotiyo wreck (I don’t think you can cover it entirely with an HIC or Dictor bubble).

If you want to steal something that cost so much, at least use something worth a bit more than a DST. Like a freighter.

But my proposed change would give “the runners” a huge advantage and great power to counter ninjalooters, while not making the looting of sotiyos a suicide mission, which can easily be griefed by a single probing dictor

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