When is sandbox's line crossed?

I mean, at some point, this is negative to your revenues and driving players away right? This is just crazy to me. Did not lose anything to this but I seriously would hate to see anyone impacted by this ‘gameplay’.

Piracy is legitimate gameplay in EVE and an essential part of the production/destruction cycle. It’s been part of the game since the beginning and will likely still be here at the end.

While you can’t eliminate risk, you can mitigate it - be an unattractive target - well tanked with small cargo value or fast and stealthy. I’ve been hauling cargo through Niarga and Uedama for 6 years without a problem - no reason why you can’t as well.

Of course, there is a chance that Niarga will become a Triglavian system which should be fun!

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Is it?

Destruction drives demand in New Eden. Explosions are good for business and the game.

No doubt, there should be some balance and fun involved in your sandbox/virtual world game, but I don’t see how this screenshot is especially an issue. New Eden is dangerous, but also has intrinsic rules that mean you can do plenty to make yourself an unattractive target, especially in highsec. Even to an industrial-scale multiboxer.

Safebears, I mean industrialists have been saying variations on these words for over seventeen years and the game keeps on going strong. There is nothing you need to worry about here - although I will agree that massively multiboxing fleets for tasks like mining and ganking that benefit strongly from being done in parallel should probably be discourage by the future game design decisions of CCP, if it makes sense.

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How is it negative for revenue? Proof of it?

How is it driving new players away, again provide proof?

And this has been in EVE for more then a decade, and it is still going strong, so apparently it doesn’t affect people’s gameplay enough to matter.

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What’s your definition of a “sandbox” then?

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I’d say after 6 years it’s about time you know the name of the system is Niarja, not Niarga. :smile:

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It isn’t clear to me what exactly is crazy to you. Others seem to have replied to the ganking part only, but it could be that you’re referring to a single player controlling that many accounts…

Both are clearly part of the sandbox, yes, but you do need to make your point clearer IMO and say why do you think one or the other might be crossing the line…

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as said by Knowledgehammer, i don’t see what is the link for OP between the sandbox nature of eve and your screenshot

i see 20 ibis with similar names, ok, and what’s the problem?

wikipedia says about “sandbox games”: " A sandbox game is a video game with a gameplay element that gives the player a great degree of creativity to complete tasks towards a goal within the game, if such a goal exists. Some games exist as pure sandbox games with no objectives;…
Sandbox games are often associated with open world concepts which gives the player freedom of movement and progression in the game’s world."

so whats the problem here?

maybe one guy created 20 accounts to fly ibis. This is creativity. And if he wants to gank other players with 20 ibis with civilian lasers, i would say that it is fun and challenging, and goes perfectly with the sandbox nature of eve
or maybe 20 players decided to choose similar names because they want to behave like that

OP what is the point about the sandbox, i don’t understand

Every act, impacts another players gameplay.

Sell minerals on the market? Youve just undercut someone else, and youve impacted his gameplay.

Put up a citadel for moon mining? Youve just taken a spot, and impacted someone elses gameplay.

This is the nature of a sandbox MMO. Your actions impact others. For better or for worse. There is nothing wrong with this.

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gankers go after easy targets, don’t be an easy target is all I can really say.

  1. Don’t go AFK in space
  2. Don’t make yourself a loot pinata

congrats you just avoided most ganks.

No one has ever ganked me and at this point I could write off any loss as a cost of doing business.