Struggling to find builds at all

So I can’t find any info on what the difference between a Drone Surveillance, Drone Menagerie, drone Herd, Drone Squad, Drone Patrol and Drone Horde is…EVE Uni website says Drone Surveillance is ratting class 5 and they up in order to Drone Horde being rating class 10 but they don’t explain what these rating classes signify or what level of ship is required for each.

I’m also finding it impossible to find fits online for for example a nullsec anomoly running Domi.

Evemon tries to find builds using something called Osmium to find loadouts to add to the plan which is how i’d normally find builds but the buggy program brings up this error. Been waiting days for this to work but it just isn’t.

There was a problem connecting to Osmium, it may be down for maintainance. There was an error deserializing the object of type Ststem.Collections.Generic.List’1[[EVEMon.Common.Serialization.Osmium.Load

Osmium is the only place in the dropdown it has for a location to get builds from too so the point of having a dropdown menu for just a single entry seems stupid.

Basically atm I have the skills to use ships like Myrmidon and Dominix and the ISK to buy them but not fits to know what to buy lol

Might I suggest not relying on these sources of information and simply try to figure it out for yourself?

There is a pretty decent in game tool that you can use to simulate fits. Fitting screen has the simulate button on it along the top. Just figure out what you want your Domi to do and simulate it to see what it looks like.

As for finding information on the sites, I believe Eve Survival is still a useful tool -

That is sadly missing most of the drone anomolies I listed :frowning: can’t afford to take a ship into something too hard for the ship to handle atm

First rule of Eve: Don’t fly what you cannot afford to lose.
If you cannot afford the loss of that ship, then you should not be flying that ship at all until you can cover the loss of the ship and fit at least one time over. You are hedging your bets in that single ship, meaning that if anything occurs that makes you lose said ship, you won’t be able to get back up in a short amount of time.

So…Uniwiki isn’t enough info for you, then?

Do you have comrades to ask about specific fits? zKillboard is a good place to see what fits people are using and is searchable by ship type and area. Not sure if osmium is even operational anymore…

So try out the lower level ones first and see how it goes for you then.

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In general, your corporation should have fits for ratting in your space. This link shows the progression from new player to super carrier for Brave Collective. I believe the rats in their corner of New Eden are Sansha so the fits will need to be adjusted for drones .

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