Stuck in jump loading screen and slowly damaged to scraps and pod

Hi there,
I got a bug where i jump into a system to flee from a fleet of hundreds that created a time dilatation, and, during the jump, i was stuck into the traffic control timer of 3 minutes, and started getting pointed and killed while still in traffic control loading.
I uploaded the footage of the moment i start taking damages while in loading screen.
Of course, no reimbursement hallowed from ccp… but anyway, it’s not for the isk worth but more for the gest…
Hope you won’t get this one, particulary punishing…
Fly safe.

next time if this happens, you can still warp ! switch to your “flee your fools” overview and then just warp around ! you also can jump and dock ! if you find a dockable station then dock … otherwise warp to a celestial create a BM and wait on this BM for all of your times and then log off and log in again and the problem is solved !

it happend to me on he road to jita one day last year and it was pretty silly but as i found out i still can warp and dock i could easy “fix” this problem.

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