Stuck on synthing a ship for quest item

help … i can’t synth a ship for a quest. Getting error message “Current skills do not support this number of jobs you are trying to install”. I am not synthing anything else so idk what i am doing wrong any help would be helpfull

you are trying to manufacture more than your skills will allow…

You could look in the 2 skills called “Mass Production” and “Advanced Mass Production” - both are found in the Production section of the skills menu. Each level you train gives you 1 additional manufacturing(synthing) slot.

You start with 1 manufacturing slot, and therefore the max is 11 slots if both skills are trained to level 5. I hope the info helps.

(Note: The advanced skill requires Mass Production to be trained to level 5 before you can use it. Also check what limits for skill levels are shown if you are an Alpha/free account.)

Also another tip: Check if there are other items that have completed and waiting for you to click “Deliver” to free up their manufacturing slots. In Eve things don’t auto-deliver - you have to click on the button.


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