Subscription fees and what we got for it

I havent been following the topic, did we get something in exchange for the risen fee? Train multiple chars or something?

I remember there was a EvE online fanfest or gathering and i was hoping they announced something positive there , but cant find any information, thanks!

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Thanks for the support, clown.

What kind of support are you looking for?

You can maybe find Fanfest on Youtube or Twitch?

See Twitch

Fanfest 2022 Day 1 Twitch
Fanfest 2022 Day 2 Twitch

Just thought we got something for paying more, the info is what im looking for :D.

I linked you Fanfest 2022 Day 1 and 2 on Twitch. That’s the information we all got.

Allrigh, fair enough ! If its not too much hassle i would appreciate if the famous “someone” would post any relative info on this thread for poor old me , since i cba follow the event.

As a reward ill ink this newbie “what to expect in EvE” - informational video here, vets can benefit from it too!

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I’m bored so I’ll throw you a bone.
What did we get in exchange for higher prices:
Short answer: we got vague promises.

Basically nothing.

If you subscribe for longer periods of time, the discount largely negates the price increase. If you were staying anyway AND want to pay a year or two upfront it was really a non issue.

If that not the boat you are in, then it sucked pretty hard. Personally, I bought the pre-increase discounted six month sub earlier this month. That way I can see if “promises” turn into anything by the end of the year.

That’s what I tell myself. If I’m honest (and I try not to be with myself) I know I’ll just pay the new price and cut back somewhere else

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as i understand it. we get immersion and more pretty stuff. from a content perstpective, nothing to see here. CCP seems all excited about what they are dreaming of and how it will attract a differnnt player base. apparently the one that has been paying for the game for years no longer interests them.

We need a chat channel called “Eve Addicts Anonymous.”

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ehm no it isnt negating anything, since the discount is the same as before the price increase, so in the end you pay still more then before price increase (inc the half year/year/2 year “discounts”)

I said LARGELY negated.
Um yes, it does.

The cost of a one Month Subscription increased 33%
Cost of a 12-month subscription increased 14.1%
A new 24-month Subscription compared to the old 12-month increased 3.1%

An option that reduces a 33% rise to a 3.1% rise is “largely negated”.

That is very true, and I never claimed otherwise. In this case, if you paid for the new two year sub you are paying 34 CENTS per month more.

Just to be clear I am not defending the price increase. I just spoke on the small size of the increase at longer subscription levels.

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Thanks Scarlett and other for clearing this up.

Im sad to see say that if i get nothing more for paying more , the deal is no longer acceptable for me, im out!

But ill keep tabs on EvE if they later add more value (like second character training or anything worth while) i will consider returning as paying customer. The game is fun and i like it, but i just dont want to pay for the increases in electricity prices without getting anything ( i mean more) in retun.

What id like to see is that EvE would just say : This year seems we dont make more profit than last year, but atleast we keep the customer base and when electricity/gas prices normalize in a year or two well be making atleast the same money we were before this. Remember getting more players is not chap or free either.

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