'Subverted' Blueprint crate

Oï !

I would like to know : does the ‘Subverted’ Blueprint crate at the end of the RSA event drop a BPC or BPO ?

Thanks !

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5 run bpc

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Thanks you !


I’m disappointed in those drones. They kinda suck. They’re like an ubber nerfed version of the Gecko. Would have been much better if it was just Geckos again. I would have kept it and build them if they were better, but just not worth it, better sell while still can get some decent ISK for it.

They might be useful on ships like Gila (sigh).

Tell me, how much do you plan to sell that blueprint ? I might be interested.

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Nope, unfortunately they’re not.

I think they will mostly be useful on 100bw ships.

Really ? I thought the better DPS compared to regular Hammerheads would be appreciated.

Meh then, keeping me iskies

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Comparing to T1 drones perhaps but remember the Subverted needs 20Mbit bandwidth and that means you can use only 1 in Gila.
Comparing to T2 drones you can count with over 100 DPS minus!

Dominix or Stratios. But use is hampered by low tracking so you have to boost that.

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Yeah, it was immediately clear when their stats were first leaked.

Their DPS is lower than T2, but their tracking and range is really really bad.

There are a few BC with 100 bandwidth. That’s possibly the place to use them. Though 4 heavies will be more dps if you want tracking and mobility they will beat out 5 mediums there no problem.

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