Suggesion: Show selected signatures

Hi there,

when i roam through wormholes and i want to see an amount of speicic combat sites, i have to count them all up. In signature overview i can sort them by name and select all with specific name, it would be usefull to see the number of items i selected. So i can quickly say that there are 15 Core Garison sites in a C5 for example.

Not exactly what you want, but here’s a work around. Enjoy.

1: ignore all the contacts you want to count, and just those contacts

2: you now have a number of ignored contacts available

3: when you clear the ignore list, the contacts you want will still be selected (provided you didn’t click on another contact) and you can then ignore others rather easily.

4: ???

5: Profit? :grinning:

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yeah thats what iam currently do, and this is annoying :smiley: since i also put other items on ignore. i have unignore everything first

The Pathfinder website has a place you can copy/paste sigs into and it will track them for you. That may be of some use to you.

Also, if you set your probe window height to a specific number of rows, I use 12, it makes calculations quick with a simple scroll after you’ve ignored everything else.