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I like the design of spacecraft now. Can we make some spacecrafts designed by spacecraft as special spacecraft?
For example, Tiangong-1, International Space Station
I hope that in the future, we can open some unusual spaces to individuals rather than companies. We can stop fixed spacecraft in space, anchor buildings and store materials. These spaces can only be entered through specific paths, which can be identified by passwords or other identification methods.There are NPC Navy guards in the security zone. I think people will want this option even for consumption.
The existing POS system can be easily transformed into the space with the exception space system, and stimulate users to pay for the storage of personal materials.


I’m not keen on giving carebears safe spaces tbh :confused:

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No safe spaces. Hello Kitty Online is that way ---->



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There is a completely safe space in New Eden already where non-consensual PVP is prohibited and you can buy practically anything you want for 100 ISK.

It’s called the Singularity Test Server. Most of the time there are only a handful of people logged in and you can fly around all day without encountering another player.

There will never be a safe space on Tranquility because no activity that impacts the player economy could be allowed to take place there. If there is reward, there must be risk.


I sense a refugee from that other server…

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Also, you are literally describing POSes, which are being removed in favor of citadels.

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I think a revised version of POS’s should be made available for personal use only, like the small POS’s and only allow them to be anchored for a short period of time.

I’ve always wanted to have my own personal outpost to use as a base of operations, a staging area while doing exploration. Unfortunately POS’s were a Player Corp structure so I couldn’t use them.

Also the current Mobile structures won’t work with being a Nomadic Explorer.


What do you mean the current mobile structures won’t work?

A well thought through T3 cruiser and a mobile depot can be a very effective toolset for a nomadic livestyle.
I have also seen people use secure freight containers which can stay in space for some days. Plenty of time to come back in time to grab the loot.

It’s not super easy to live nomadic in EVE, but it’s definitively doable.

I mostly travel around in a T3 Cruiser with 2 small secure containers in the cargohold filled with various modules and munitions that’s needed to complete all types of exploration sites. As such there isn’t room for a Mobile Depot.

Besides that, all the items inside a Mobile Depot get ejected when it’s scooped back into cargohold. The Depot itself takes up 50m3 and then still need room for all the loot previously in it. I’d have to constantly double back with a Blockade Runner to pick up the loot and deposit it in a station before I could move the Depot to another location.

Lastly, Mobile Depots can’t protect themselves like a small POS.

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Even if you had a mini-pos, you would still need room to deploy it, so whats the difference here? You wouldnt have room for a mini-pos either.

Again, a mini-pos would take up space too, and you would need to double back with a blockade runner to pick up the loot from the mini-pos back to wherever youre going. The MIni-pos would probably be larger than a mobile depot, too.

Im still not seeing a difference here.

Well, no. If were going by the new citadel mechanics, a small citadel-like pos would still not be able to protect themselves. You need someone inside the citadel to shoot the weapons. Citadels do not automatically protect themselves on their own.

Furthermore, youre adding a lot more to the small pos(i.e. weapon modules and ammo) if you want it to shoot for you too. Which means, you will need even MORE trips with your blockade runner. You are making this worse for yourself.


Sorry, EVE is laissez-faire capitalism, no communism here.

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Learn to read… I’m talking about a small POS, not the Citadel structures currently in-game. If a small POS was available for personal use, I would gladly make an extra trip to set it up.

A Blockade Runner can easily transport a small POS, a few Batteries (weapons / electronic warfare) and fuel within it’s cargohold. It would only require 1 trip to move that to it’s location… As an explorer I’d have the POS centrally located and anchored for a short time period of 3 to 4 weeks.

Lastly, the whole idea of a POS is that it can automatically defend itself when attacked.

I read what you wrote, but CCP is removing Poses in favor of citadels. If they make a new personal structure, its gonna be more closer to a citadel than a pos. And if its more closer to a pos, it certainly wont have any ability to defend itself, manned or unmanned. Its gonna be closer to a mobile depot. And since we already have mobile depots, well, you get the gist.

Im just trying to be realistic here.


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