Suggest reverting the market back and just limiting relistings per day

Under the new market changes, it doesn’t matter how well you place your order because it will get stuck in place and buried by new orders undercutting it…especially with high priced items and the many players using alpha market alts that have taken the biggest hit from all this… Further, these new market changes do not reflect how real markets work… Relisting fees should not be astronomically higher than the amount of change, but rather be based on a percentage of the change… A limitation on the number of relistings allowed to 2 or 3 per day (between shutdowns) would achieve the same goal of stopping players/bots from making frequent relistings which has made it extremely difficult for more casual marketers to compete with… This relisting limitation would stop that market behavior without screwing over the ability to compete with other oders…

How long did you think about idea that put issue you mentioned in hard cap, without changing anything?

You are to greedy if undercutting is problem. Cut your margins more, go ahead of everyone and wait for market to come to you. You barley need 1-2 relists per day.

Your limit will only cut out people from market. And you will be undercut anyway by person that came to market second after your or have one more alt than you.

Astronomically high fee is your relist limit. Issue is not a mechanic but people. you don’t need that top spot…


No. This is dumb and would even hurt yourself.

All this would do is make you feel good for about 30 seconds before you get undercut again. Then you’ll sit there fuming at your own suggestion because you’ve used up all 3 of your daily order adjustments, and now you can’t compete anymore.


That doesn’t make any sense at all… If trying to make money in this game is greedy, then I’m guilty as charged…and so isn’t everyone else… It doesn’t matter how you cut your margins, the next person is cutting them deeper to make the sale… Being kind and considerate of other players has absolutely nothing to do with any aspect of this game… I don’t know what game you’re talking about, but it’s not this one… LMAO…

Simply put your listing up at a decent price in the first place and you won’t have to relist it 50 times a day…


Unbelievable the amount of A-Holes in this forum spending their entire day trolling posts trying to feel better about themselves by downing others… I guess this game attracts those types like flies to a pile of crap… No one can ask for help, make a suggestion, or say anything here without a pack of morons jumping all over it… I doesn’t bother me and gives me a good laugh…but it’s not helping CCP retain new players who come here and experience it…

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Maybe you should stop taking things personally.
We are criticizing your bad idea.
If you want to interpret that as personal attacks against you, that’s your problem.

Please show me exactly how your idea will help CCP retain new players. Otherwise, you’re just spewing ■■■■■■■■ and abusing the concept of"new players" as a front to propose your bad idea.


Oh please dude… You’re one of them… Trying to psycho-analyze the motive of my post is stupid… It’s only intent is as stated…a suggestion for an alternative to the market changes that have hurt a lot of players… I’m certainly not the only one…

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No, you’re not. But you are being told the same thing as every other trader. Suck it up, buttercup. Every other profession has had to adjust to changes and nerfs. Traders can too…


There’s a fundamental issue here that you’re not getting.

What you FEEL is “hurting” you, is actually intended gameplay changes by CCP.
The pain you’re feeling comes from your failure to understand why CCP made the changes they did.

This isn’t something the CCP needs to change. This is something YOU need to adjust to.


Traders are all of the sudden up in arms because their livelihood has finally been changed after 17 years of being able to do whatever they want on the market. Welcome to the ranks of the nerfed, along with PvP’ers, miners, and every other profession…




I’m not justifying being nasty to each other, and I do often wish that people would use a little more tact, but this is the internet. No matter where you go, there will be assholes and trolls. You have to develop a thick skin.

As for the idea itself…
Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to work. I intentionally trained up additional market slots in order to circumvent the 5min time limit on updating orders. Thus, I could do the exact same thing with a daily limit. Of course, everyone could train alphas to get additional slots, but those with multiple omega traders (better taxes and the ability to log in multiple characters at once) would get a large advantage over players with just one or two omega accounts. And, of course, the .01 isk war would resume, it would just require a little more effort.

As a statement, this never results in a happy ending

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Eve is a commodity market and commodity markets are cyclical. If people “always” undercut, prices would go to 0 - but they don’t. Eventually people get tired of selling below cost, the under priced inventory clears and the price bounces back. You can study the cycle for products and markets you are interested in using the price history tab. I list in the middle of the cycle and wait for the market to come to me - it works and requires no micro management.


Does that mean you’re the pile of crap?

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Vals Loeder


Does that mean you’re the pile of crap?

I think that we’re all made of stars.


The change that makes the wait different is that before the change fee jumped, one could wait as long as it took. Now that waiting can become very unprofitable in a couple of cycles. Hence the risk of money loss becoming great enough to chase many producers and traders out of the market. This is not a ‘night and day’ effect. There are many 90-day orders that were set up prior to the fee change. The effect is taking time to manifest, but is becoming more visible as the days go by.

Eve players, in general, tend to be older, smarter professionals and better adjusted to hard times/realists compared to other games.

What you’re experiencing isn’t people being arseholes. They just don’t have your sense of entitlement. They think of solutions they can implement themselves before whining on the forums.

I’m one of the people whos game has been nerfed by the recent changes. But here’s how to adjust:


The more people that get out of the market because they can’t profitably micromanage their orders, the better it is for people like me. Less competition generally means the cycles are shorter and the average prices higher!