Suggested Micro-transactions Packages following CCP acquisition for player convenience

Hello Guys,

I have come up with some cool ideas now that we will be getting micro-transactions in Eve Online. For those who don’t have the time or wish to have a smoother experience in the game, they can purchase any of the following. :grinning: All PLEX amounts are to be converted to Hello Kitty tokens of same value.

Feedback appreciated

Eve Online Hello Kitty Pack: All capsuleers, NPC characters, and other such entities portraits are reskinned into catgirls including ears, and tails. Only viewable to holders of this pack. $60 once off. Please inform customer support if a particular characters ears/and or tails are not properly generated.

Eve Online Starter Pack: Blank character with 20m Skill Points, 10m pre-allocated to shields, engineering, armour, and spaceship command. 10m unallocated skillpoints for the user to map accordingly. $150.

Eve Online Platinum Pass: Guaranteed TiDi free experience on the first class tranquillity cluster with priority server resource allocation $100/yr

Eve Online Customes Code Expetice Pass: Current player will be exempt from upcoming 0.003% stargate gate tax of current ships worth. $20/yr

Eve Online Elite Political Manoeuvring Pass: You become a member of the current CSM board. Only three packages of this pass are available each year allocated via bidding process. Starts at $100 for each pass. Holders of these passes will be liable to pay for their own flights and accommodations when the board convenes in Best Korea each year.

Eve Online Resource Pass: Asteroid, mining, reprocessing, refining, and reactions yield higher resource yields for current character $80/yr

Eve Online Elite PvE Pass: Word has spread of your great prowess and skill capsuler, as a result high ranking pirates and faction characters appear more frequently to challenge you in all PvE activities $80/yr

Eve Online Marketeer Pass: You will occasionally come across exception orders in the market that are delayed for everyone else but holders of this package, yielding lucrative business opportunities $75/yr

Eve Online Seasoned Advertising Pass: All your market orders are specially displayed at the top of market searches (or will be displayed alongside other holders of this pass at the top of market searches, however pays the most gains higher prominence) $50/yr/token, higher token holder gains the highest prominence.

Eve Online Elite PvP Pass: Every time you successfully kill a rival capsuleer (must not be in the same alliance/faction/corporation) a message will be displayed in all local chats in all systems announcing your great endeavours. (Only one can be purchased each year in all of New Eden) Bidding starts at $500. Must be renewed each year via public bidding process.

Eve Online Skill Tree Master Pass: All skills are immediately trained to level 4. All new skills added to the game start at level 4. $175/yr. Failure to renew each year will result in a once off removal of 100m skillpoints from random skills.

Eve Online Elite Skill Tree Master Pass: Same as the Standard Skill Tree Master except skills start at level 5, removal of 150m with a failure to renew. £300/yr

Eve Online Upwell Board Member Pass: You become a board member of Upwell Consortium. All Upwell Structures are opened to you regardless of owners standings, additionally all structures will possess a clone bay, manufacturies, reprocessing bays, market hubs, and all other upwell facilities to holders in all stations regardless of fittings by owners. All Upwell structures will also be unable to activate hostile facilities against you. $325/yr

Eve Online Advanced Nanite Facilities: All boarded ships in space or docked passively repair 2% Structure, Shields, and Armor per second when outside of combat for 1 minute. $40/yr

Eve Online Hostile Agency Pass: Once per day you are allowed to disconnect a capsuleer of your choice for 1hour. They will be unable to login during that time. Accounts with multiple characters which include the selected character are also unable to login for this time. $500/yr and $40 per use.

Eve Online Advanced Tactics and Technology Pass: During any period, once paid, your ship gains 99% resistance profile and 10m shield regen for 15minutes via embedded but inactive Jove technology in each ship, it can be activated by CONCORD at any time. Please be aware that this requies funds to be in your current Eve Online account or equivilent Hello Kitty tokens be present in your Hello Kitty Wallet. Can be activiated whenever desired but comes with a 48h cooldown (or $20 instant cooldown fee) $30 per use.

This is all a joke, please dont take the above seriously


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