Suggestion about deleting bookmarks

I have a suggestion. Usually when you delete something it asks you if you are sure that you want to delete - abc… However, when you right click in space and show your bookmarks, then you right click on a bookmark and click delete it pops up a box asking if you want to delete it but doesn’t show you which one you are asking to delete. I have had times when I did this and accidentally deleted an important bookmark because I wasn’t paying attention as to what the brown highlight line was showing as the delete object.

My suggestion is since you have a box popping up anyway, have it also say what is going to be deleted.


Hello Galaxyhunter Shardani, welcome to the community.

That’s actually a pretty good suggestion, if anything just to confirm that is indeed the bookmark you want deleted.

Yes it is bookmark I’d like to delete. For example, if I do some mining and bookmark my jet cans, I have deleted a bookmark that I didn’t want to delete because I was tired by the end of the night and didn’t notice I wasn’t deleting the finished jet can bookmark but an important saved bookmark by mistake. If it was tagged in the popup as the named jet can I would have noticed it. But the same principle also applies to any bookmark.

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