Undo option (or history) for bookmark deletion

Every so often I accidentally delete useful bookmarks and there’s no recourse. It’d be nice to be able to undo these deletions (especially multi-deletes). This could be on a timer to prevent abuse (dunno if that’s even done anymore). It could even require a ticket and queue at downtime.

This isn’t a pressing issue, but I’ve deleted useful spots umpteen times over the years, usually when tired. An undo option, even one that requires a ticket or is on a long timer, would turn this from an occasional irresolvable frustration into a non-issue.

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seconding this 10,000%.

Saving the deleted bookmark in a temporary bin that would last 2-5 mins before completely erasing would help so much.

So many mouse slips have caused hours of issue when deleting the wrong signature bookmark by accident…

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reset confirm remove location .
save bm using expiration timer , and edit the ones you want to save to not expire .
move bookmarks you don’t need to a temp folder , and delete them all once you’re sure you don’t want them .

the solutions to your mistakes while tired or mis-clicking are already available.

Thanks for the suggestions! None of them help, alas.

I keep the remove confirmation on at all times, I only enable expiration in wormhole and temp safe folders, and I already use temporary storage folders for permanent bookmarks because I organize them after creation into a bunch of shared folders. None of this prevents accidental deletions.

I don’t think an undo option (or as Posh Wynoa Spice suggested, a temporary Recycle Bin type arrangement) is an unreasonable request.

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