Suggestion: Blackout modules

Without causing too much drama I’d like to suggest there are both good and bad ideas on both sides of the blackout debate.

Maybe by default local should be blacked out. Maybe sov control can enable local. Maybe counter equipment can be created that causes a temp disruption of sov control, that itself requires an active human component.

Maybe aoes can be set up that scrambles local for you, locally.

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No blackout from Monday…

thanks, i got the memo.

Observatories were in part concepted for this very purpose.

Observatory arrays
Dedicated to intelligence gathering.

  • Service module possibilities : Being able to increase, decrease or block Star Map filters in the solar systems they’re deployed, act as solar system wide D-scan blockers, disrupt ship intelligence in the solar system, take over player tracking capabilities from NPC agents or be able to affect or pinpoint cloak users. We are considering basing their effectiveness through a network coverage (like cell phones) so that a single one may not be that useful, but maintaining a bunch of them in space could give a significant advantage.

Back into the structure

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