[Suggestion] How to improve the new forum


(Aen Clarke) #1

Im a big forum addict and i realy LOVED the old forum. But we need to strive forward and i think making a new forum design and a new forum itself is a good change. But something i have a really hard time is: everything feels like its to close to each other. It feels like everything is just brawling and fighting, there is no simplicity or calm feeling at all on this new forum.

Do anyone get what i mean? It feels like its hard to understand the situation and there is TOO MUCH text everywhere. I understand the change to make the forums more like discussion, but there is so much better way to implement that.

  • It needs more space.
  • New colors, to make it easier to read.
  • Skip the “lines = _____” under and over each post since it just confuses (at least for me) and make a box, with opacity.

Here are two examples of what small little things makes the experiences much more simple.
And easier to read.


(ISD Yumi) #2

If you haven’t already, I would suggest you to try out the wide screen theme which looks very nice adds more space. Further you can also check out some of the custom scripts that other players have put together.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

(Chocolate Pickle) #3

I can attest to the improvement the Wide theme makes. Should be a feature enabled by default.

(Zabruk Zateki) #4

I have a better idea to improve this forum … SCRAP IT and go back to the former…

(Ford Crendaven) #5

Go back to the old one.

Striving forward for no benefit is a waste of effort. Have a direction and a plan not a scrimp to save money! this looks like and import of a third party forum tool.