Suggestion: New Mining System

(Amanari Talar) #21

Actually, as a designer i am completely against a lot of things in eve. Of them is the high sec afk mining spam.

Rats are there for anti-afk and danger (risk/reward) concepts, nothing else. These concepts an be easily accomplished by other means.

To be honest, Asteroid belts in eve are quickly becoming invalidated, Especially in null/wormhole space and probably should get some kind of design pass.

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #22

Look. If you work for CCP, then make a fething devblog, and don’t stealth start arguments in the forums.

But you don’t, do you. Therefor YOU will not be making any decision for CCP design except as a consumer.

CCP had the perfect opportunity to remove multi-boxing entirely. They chose not to. They did, however, place restrictions on its use and made it clear that automation is the boogeyman, not playing multiple accounts.

You have shown zero proof for what makes people happy. You are either guessing, projecting, or both.
You’ve shown no metrics whatsoever. CCP is not going to make changes on a whim - well… on the whims of others. I’ll admit sometimes CCP’s own whims seem a bit … whimisical.

Define the parameters for the “health of the game”. You keep using these buzzwords. I’m just waiting for you to shoehorn blockchain into your idea somehow.

Mining can use a bit of a shake-up. But the foundation of mining is sound. Rayba said it quite well a few posts above.

Once again… no proof. Zealotry doesn’t make good business sense… or design, for that matter.

Unless you’re an artist. So design me a hat or something, consider it a commission.

–Hatless Gadget

(Raybra Brahms) #24
  1. Yes.

  2. Yes.

  3. They obtain it from people blasting them with ships, since this has been going on regularly in all areas where mining occurs i must admit to being perplexed at the question.

  4. I dont consider your ideas good ideas and so i find myself perplexed once again why you bothered to make this statement.

(Agondray) #25

id settle for mission type fleets invading the belts, and go mine in a fob system and see if the roaming gang wants you…

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