Suggestion "New Module" for super caps?

“Probe Drone Launcher”

I’m back after 10 years…and I pride myself on having “ideas”

So here’s one…I’ve been hearing in my Alliance chat that people don’t like that they have to have Multiple accounts to safely use Titans and Cap ships.

So in an effort to think of a way to relieve that but also follow the nature of the game, I thought about a “Probe drone Launcher” Module for Super caps that Launches a Unmanned Drone Frig that can Travel directly through space autonomously to the system and area you desire and launch a Cyno for you to Bridge to.

a downside to this could be that the drone can be scanned down if someone were to be scanning and see it flying through their system.

this could come with skills to use them, as well as a high price tag on the launchers and probes designed for them.

What does everyone think?

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I like the idea I think that eve echos had something with frigate drones and destroyers drones for carriers which I love that idea

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Capital ships should require support ships around them.

Also Drones are controlled by their ‘mother ship?’ and really controlling drones through jump gates and in different systems is a little far fetched (even for Eve lore).
I would also imagine there is probably game code issues with a ship having/controlling drones in different systems.


I dont believe that capital ships should ever be operating independently.

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If you wanna play a supercap solo, you can always use stargates like everyone else.

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