Suggestion Surcharge

Every new topic in Player Features and Ideas results in a 10 million deduction from your char. If the char doesn’t have it the post fails.

And no, this doesn’t hurt new players because if you can’t afford 10 million then you have not been playing long enough to suggest changes :smile:

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Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar, a shining beacon of hope in an otherwise bleak and dreary world, a genius, a prodigy, the voice of a generation.


You know you can just ignore forum posts right? If someone makes a dumb suggestion it can just be ignored.

Send all payments to me. As per the rules, @Salt_Foambreaker, please make good on your suggestion.

Since you didn’t clarify 10 million of what, I would suggest 10 million SP

well, it is an interesting idea to create an out of game ISK sink: 10mil for creating new topic and 1 mil for everyone to reply. Some exclusions and additional modifiers should be applied to different subforums. For example: “new citizens Q&A” should be free while “Corporations & Alliances” and “Marketplace” should be more expensive.

How about we just go back to you needing a subbed acc


Then the other side of the fence wont be heard at all… and seldom they do have some valid concerns and ideas.

that means that people with the most money could afford to spam the forums the more.

Farm one hour, create 30 topics.

Sorry that’s completely dumb. Make it at least one B per post creation and 200M per answer, otherwise I would not even notice the loss.

You can do that even now. What stops you? Its not like this surcharge will protect you from forum rules or give any privileges.

And thats why it is good as an ISK sink - it is not too intrusive, nor punishing nor prohibitive even for new-ish players. Over time it would amount to a solid sum of ISK removed from the game.

How about stop balancing this game, it’s ready to topple. If it isn’t BROKE, stop throwing a wrrench in players fun who enjoy the game when it goes 180. Every patch seems they lose players…balance into bankruptcy?

well then I did not get the goal of the suggestion. It’s useless, and jut a way to remove money for nothing and make richer people not care about it.

sorry, that sucks.

I’m still exploring the limits of how outrageous of a thing can you post and still have people discuss it seriously :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

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it’s because outrageous means nothing.

Children need to find the limits of their own power, to learn that “I” and “mother” are two different things. So until you say them “stop” enough they don’t identify as their own person.

The metagame is strong with this one…

What’s a meta game?

First rule of metagaming: don’t ask what metagaming is.

So I’ll have to get the high score on eve without definitions!!!??? Talk about giving me a handicap from the start.

Welcome to EvE, where there are no trophies for first place.