Suggestion: Upwell Black Hole Research Station

The Idea
Creating a match-like environment within Eve Online where the amount of ships is somewhat capped.

The Execution
The Upwell Black Hole Research Station
Protected by powerful anti-gravity Xkm radius shields, this station rests near the center of a black hole.

The Entrance
Inside the Arena
There are two entrance/exit wormholes placed opposite sides of the station. The shield acts as a boundary with any ships exiting being destroyed immediately.
In Eve
These wormholes take about an hour or so to form (allowing the attackers to form and take control of the entrance) and is visible in the agency window to everyone within X jumps while it’s forming. The entrance creates a very powerful warp disruption bubble Xkm out that even interceptors are not immune to that also prevents capitals from jumping into the system by gate and makes cynos unable to activate. There are two entrances to the arena, each randomly on oppisiteish sides of the Eve map. Both entrances should be located in lowsec. Each unstable wormhole entrance should allow Xm3 of ships to pass through and only for a couple minutes (this should have visual and audio ques) to start the battle. Afterwards, the wormhole will not be passable.

The Conflict
The first conflict will be to secure the opening. The second will be to stop anyone trying to enter while your team is entering.
Secondly, there is the fight to secure the arena.
Lastly it will be to blow up the station and escape with the loot.

Keeping the Immersion
The station has to have entrances to export the data and personnel it has or needs. Once the players begin entering, the station will be disrupting the wormhole entrances, preventing entry X minutes after they were able to enter. After the station is destroyed, the shields it was using to prevent itself from being crushed by gravity will contract and eventually collapse: destroying the entrance and any ships left inside. Once the station is destroyed, it’s wormhole disruption will offline and allow exit, but not entrance to the arena. The station itself will only have structure points and it’s repair timer will start once the first shot at it has been fired. If the players fail to secure the site and it reinforces, the station will slowly retract it’s shields until the players are destroyed now that it can focus on defending itself.

The Loot
Upwell Faction BPCs for structures, rigs, and modules.

X is a variable and is subject to change.

Edit: This will happen X times a month
Edit 2: Preventing a low move, cloaks are inoperable inside the arena or make the wreck indestructible.
Edit 3: Meant BPCs not BPOs

In a word; no.

In more words; new eden is your arena, use it.

Edit; shattered wormholes are a thing, you could organize you tournament in there.

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No. Go away.


Wrong forum section. This sort of thing needs to go into Features & Ideas.

To the idea itself, if it’s meant as a permanent thing, then no. @Omnathious_Deninard said it nicely, New Eden is your arena. We also had similar ideas suggested in the past. Again, see the proper forum section.

If meant as an event, then I could see it happening in one form or another.

NO! EVE is a sandbox! No isolated minigames!

No just no

an event, like some sort of tournament you mean? maybe one that alliances could participate in… we could call it, the tournament of alliances!!!


You probably thought you’ve just made a smart remark, didn’t you? :rofl:

But no, I’m thinking of an event for the casual player, involving the lore, and offering rewards for completing it.

you mean like Eve_NT where just about any team that wants to participate has a damn good chance of getting in?

(as far as lore connection goes, anything the players do is part of the lore)

No, I still mean in-game events.

Another instanced PvP thread: NO

Go play Star Wars, they have lots of pointless instanced PvP.

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