Upgradeable personal WH

The game contains plenty of tools how to ruin someones sand castle. But it does not care about people, who play it to build their own home… Unbreakable, personal… And I have a feeling, that there is a large number of players, who wants one. I understand, that this game is all about distruction of something, what someone else created (otherwise economy just stops), but pretty much sure, there is a place for huge ISK sink, that will satisfy certain sort of players and will not hurt the rest of the Eve.

Give player opportunity to build/buy a special, very very expensive (price tag on Keepstar level) personal stargate. That will lead to an empty wormhole with no signatures / anomalies / belts and PI capable planets.
After player will jump through, the gate collapses and player will be traped in the WH. He will have to anchor a special wormhole generator. That generator will stay in system forever. Once activated, it will create WH connection to random system in new Eden, that has same attributes as the systems, where the first personal stargate was activated (high sec, low, null or WH odf the same class.). This connection will stay for 16 hours, unless someone jumps through it back to personal wormhole. The outgoing connection will not be visible for anyone, but person, who will create it. No signature, no d-scan mark.
User can upgrade system (again, for insane amount of ISK) to make planets PI capable, to spawn signatures with asteroid belts, that contain small (to keep market safe) amount of high sec ore, to install medical clone in there, but no NPC pirate vessels or sleeper will get in there.

Let say some rich person will decide to go for the personal WH project. It flyes with ORCA to some calm system and anchor the gate. Gate is not protected by CONCORD and can produce 300 bil kill mail. After 2 hours gate is operational and ORCA jumps through. See the star and 8+ planets (at least one of each type). Gate collapsed. Player now chooses the place where to anchor static WH generator. Once generator is functioning, player jumps back into public space. Player’s ORCA can be probed down, but the WH entrance can’t. Player has 16 hours to do what he wants before the entrance will collapse. If he will do nothing, his personal wormhole will stay unreachable forever. He can to bring his own alt to the system, so alt will activate the WH generator for him, whenever needed. Player decides to bring 4 alts there. So he fleet them all up, or contract bookmarks and make all 4 alts jump through generated WH before his main jumps there as the last person. As the char, who initiated WH generator, jumps through, WH entrance collapses and WH generator will switch to ‘stand by’ mode.

No to unkillsble ISK-making in your private system


If someone want to

I don’t think Eve is the game he wants to play.


Thats why I suggest to give only very limited ISK making possibilities to those systems. They are base of operation, place where you live / sleep, but you make ISK in common space. PI income can be limited by quality of the planets (high sec planets will not give you much ISK, for example), ORE anomalies with small amount of high sec ores will also do not impact economy as much as building the gate (300 billions) and WH generator (other 300 billions).
Belts, PI whatever else will come with upgrates should be more of a decoration, not ISK source. You will have to go to public space to make the ISK.

Home is unbeakable, but ships, that player will take to common space, still are. I see it more as an opportunity to have base of operation, where you have low chance to be evicted (unless you stay uncloaked next to generated WH or invite any other person to your home).

You didn’t read what I wrote. NO unkillable ISK-making. Zero. No PI, no mining, no manufacturing, no combat sites.

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If you want a unkillable home, live at a NPC-station.

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NPC-station is not a home, its a transit yard. Built by someone else, can be used by anyone. Not personal at all. Are you sure, that people, who are able to pay over 600 billions for own system will make ISK through PI, belt mining or even production?

Your idea goes against the core ideas of Eve and it shouldn’t be added to the game, no matter the price.


You aren’t wrong that many would enjoy a feature like this, but to even discuss it would require a heavy amount of modification to your idea.

The primary issue is allowing it to generate any sort of ISK or resource usable in the rest of the game.

So, if your PI upgrades created new PI materials only useful inside the personal wormhole and not traded on any exterior market, that’s fine.

If your asteroids only contain ore that is only useful for special PWH structures and are not traded outside your PWH, that’s fine.

Your Rats only have modules and salvage useful in your PWH and not traded outside of it, and rather than ISK maybe they drop “Local Currency” useful only within the PWH, Sure.

Basically, with no risk you get no reward, other than personal satisfaction.

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That’s literally Goons tho

If you want to build something and prevent it from being kicked over you have to be better and well equipped to handle that.

Don’t ask CCP to hand you the keys to a castle in a game that is all about building, protecting, and destroying empires.

That’s a big fat NO for me.

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Just set up shop in a C1 without a HS static. Get ready to get bored very quickly though.

Sisi. You can play alone and no one is allowed to shoot you.


What a marvellous idea for isolationists and RMTers!

i can clearly see the thousands of people who will join this game just for their own pocket hole! they totally will not begin demanding that it’s cheaper, because that’s not how these people work at all! No! they will totally not demand more and more content for their holes, because they’ll grow bored! No!

Yes, this idea is brilliant! Amazing! Unheard of! But why go so far? Why not give it to them for cheap, or free??

That last part there runs counter to eves base philosophy

You missed the point. The keyword in his post was “no”. Not “no unless it’s small”. If you want to have your personal asset generating system, you will have to defend it.

That is a very good approach. As I said, eventuel belts or PI are meant to be more decorational, than ISK printing. And no rats was the idea straight from the beginning. Actually, it can be some sort of “walking in stations” but in space :wink: You spend your ISK for decorating your ‘safe’ home, but if you are not carefull (staying uncloacked at the entrance means someone can probe your entrance down), someone still can come to take it from you. Some decorations can allow you to get better overview of the market in different regions, follow your own in game statistic or do other usefull stuff, that makes your game more comfortable without ruining the market.

if he wants a personal wormhole that he can upgrade what’s wrong with the current WH?

you can claim it as your own and upgrade it with structures. boom personal upgradable WH

It’s not 100% safe and indestructible by other players