The city library router logs us out every two hours. So I would like to suggest that the download have two new commands, PAUSE and RESUME.

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The city library router does that to you to prevent you from using the city library router in this manner.

Maybe not abuse a free city infrastructure designed to help people learn and study, for video games?


Eve is a game where you interact with other players - sometimes voluntarily, sometimes not. There can be no pause buttons in that kind of game. If you are docked a disconnect is no risk. if you are undocked and not under attack, you will automatically be logged out in 30 seconds - until then your ship remains in space and vulnerable. Your ship will lose any benefit from your skills until you log back in.

He isn’t talking about pausing the game play. He’s talking about downloading the game using free internet.

I considered that but it only takes a few minutes to download enough of Eve to start playing - other modules will download when they are needed. Even then 2 hours is more than enough to download the entire game unless you have an incredibly slow (or congested) connection.

On the other hand, there have been lots of occasions when I’ve been called away from the keyboard at an inopportune moment and would really like to have had a pause button!

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Wrong subforum, but I like the idea.

It’s 2020, we should have more options to help out folks with slower connections.
Not everyone is an unemployed college student leeching off their university’s lightning fast internet.


You can also set the launcher to download all assets:

If you are playing from a metred connection or via a data service (eg. by mobile connection), then having all of the assets downloaded previously reduces bandwidth use.

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Which is likely going to be the case for a public library. Cant have someone bittorrenting the hell out the public infrastructure and causing everyone to slow to a crawl.

Which reminds me of the days of uni. We had crazy amounts of bandwidth and no regulation, I feel sorry for anyone else trying to use the internet while we were.

I am on a metered connection and if I close the launcher during an update then it stops the update. Upon opening the launcher again it seems to start where it left off. Mine is also set to download the full client.

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