hello i have suggestion
Better than turn this game from pay to win we need make it play for free to win


  1. what about each player can use any ship he want not forced to be OMEGA for using it ( if u want keep OMEGA stats so make normal player can use it just they can buy it from OMEGA player )

  2. Skins only will need to donate for it so player will pay IRL money for skins

  3. some new players lost in game create Helper Team from players so Helper Team will work 24/7 for guide newbies in Game

  4. make missions for each type ship like we have now ( miner / security / cargo carry )
    but what about ships like ( support / tank / scanner ) kind of dead so add missions for this ships

  5. each player can use 2 pilots in same time and OMEGA will be 3 pilots in the same time

  6. i have a lot of ships but i see 999999 system and need to move my ship from system to system like 40 jump for move my ships imagine i waste my time like 120 jumps for transport 2 ships suggestion is : make player can leave ship in space and turn autopilot On so i can move 3 ships in same time to another system on autopilot but ( 1- need to drive it before turn autopilot on like i cant turn autopilot for my ship and i am not inside. 2- player will be responsible about this because easy anyone can attack it while he not driving it

    sorry for bad language and grammar

Kind Regards,
Booda Khaled

tu es sur le forum francais donc pourquoi poster en anglais???

mes reponses: en gros: tes suggestions sont, pour la plupart, ineptes

  1. alpha status= periode d’essai pour voir si les gens accrochent au jeu. Ensuite souscription/Omega. Parce que si il n’y a pas d’abonnement, il n’y a pas de jeu, vois-tu? CCP n’est pas une entreprise caritative, il faut bien payer les serveurs et les devs

  2. tu crois que les skins vont financer le jeu???

  3. il y a deja des chans d’aide pour les newbies

  4. tous les mecanismes du jeu sont exploités par les joueurs. Si tu permets aux joueurs alpha d’avoir 2 persos connectés en meme temps, que crois-tu qu’il va se passer: des armees d’alphas pour ganker en hi sec, etc

  5. ■■■■■■■■: ameliore toi, utilise les mecaniques du jeu: courrier contract tes ships, construis les sur place etc. Le temps passé a voyager fait partie des contraintes du jeu. Quand un jeu devient trop facile, il perd son sel et n’offre aucun interet par rapport aux jeux plus récents

J’ai l’impression que tu t’es trompé de jeu en voulant un jeu free to play et plus facile

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As a business, CCP need revenue to be able to afford to continue developing the game. If SKINs effectively become the primary revenue source, where’s the rest of CCP’s income coming from?

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if we turn game for free it will be better than pay to win
man players hate Alpha because have limits and if u alpha u cant beat big boys in game u just stuck with limit missions and limit ships
if skins only affect small things or none affect it will be Elite things better than watching a lot of players love this game and story this game but poor IRL or they cant just donate money for EVE

and about pilots already some players hacking and using bots for lunching 2 char so better we turn it for normal players can launch 2 char from the same account and Omega can lunching 3 char from same account so we can help players and avoid who is hacking
each player will focus on 1 account not multi accounts

sorry cant understand can you turn it to English Please ?

Data Laughing

is it a joke?



  1. your ideas are stupid
  2. you are not even able to post on the correct section of the forum

you are a winner

PS: i would add : your english is so bad that my eyes are bleeding

and the best one: “if we turn game for free it will be better than pay to win”
Clown, if we turn game for free, there will be no game anymore… you understand that?

1, wrong section ok because i didn`t found right section

  1. my idea is stupid for OMEGA players not Alpha players

and about my English i said already sorry for bad lang if u cant read above last line

what is your problem ?

your ideas are stupid for ALL players : if we turn game for free, there will be no game anymore… neither for omegas nor for alphas. CCP is not a caritative organization. Devs and servers have to be paid, you understand that?.

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