Suicid ganking on on wormholes

Hi, is it possible to suicide someone at 0 on wormhole and instant jump in, because its possible to jump in when you are in agro and concord will not get you?

no 321…

?what do you mean

no, but you have to post 5 characters to submit

Even if you could, evading CONCORD is one of those things you aren’t allowed to do.

The act of going criminal basically stops you from being ably to anything but sit there until concord arrives to kill you. If you did manage to find someway to avoid concord it is considered an exploit and if found out possible ban or if you are Omega… a stern talking to.

That wouldn’t be “suicide” then, though…

yeah it would in a far more real way. Even if this did work (it doesn’t) finding a way to evade concord will result in a ban.

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