Suicide Ganking In Eve Echoes

Uhh… Yeah. Don’t know whether Eve echoes stuff belongs in this forum so putting it here… Can you suicide gank in eve echoes? Like everything else is pretty good with the “eve lite” thing… Jita undock isn’t so populated so I’m guessing no one’s in lowsec yet? Hmm just put all little things about eve echoes here…

Question is can you suicide gank in eve echoes? I tried locking and shooting someone… locking is fine but it says it’s illegal. I KNOW IT’S ILLEGAL I JUST WANNA DO IT? I don’t even think there’s a safeties option?

Speaking of which CONCORD went from “oh they’re the police ok” into “heeeyyyyyy we own the place!”.

Given the type of people that play mobile games, I doubt it’ll be allowed.


It isn’t allowed. Highsec is a perfectly safe carebear paradise in Echoes.

So all the safebears and their apologists, you have your PvE version of Eve now. Go play that and enjoy your safe space and stop trying to change the original game.


So it’s happened. Dang, that’s sad. Welp, that’s what you’ve wanted, risk-hatin’ folk - go to it.

Poor EvE name.


Good idea, post that in the “eliminate suicide ganking in highsec” thread now. It’s gonna make a whole bunch of care bears quite happy.

I now completely understand why our world is so f***ed up sometimes.

Thanks, folks. Not.

So many emotionally and mentally weak people? I agree.


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