Suitonia for CSM16

Greetings, After taking a 2 year break from the CSM I’ve decided to throw my hat back into the ring for CSM16!

♢ I started playing EVE in 2006, quit after 2 weeks, tried it again in early 2007 and I haven’t been unsubbed from the game since then. I’ve played almost every day the entire 14 years my character has existed, In my first year I went from a miner, to a mission runner, to an explorer (back before it was good!) and then to a mostly solo/small gang PVP player and I haven’t looked back since.

I started out the PVP in a wardec group, interimo, ended up doing solo PVP in Providence and FW. (I was the #1 pilot in Gallente Militia the month it came out). Fate would have me meeting and teaming up with Garmon of Genos Occidere in Providence, which became my home corporation (and in many ways still is my home), a small gang group that was cutting edge. I was on the HYDRA RELOADED team that earned 2nd place in AT8, which got me addicted to the entire eve tournament scene, as well as many other successful tournament runs as part of the Hydra Team, and later, a volunteer on many eve online tournaments including the alliance tournament and EVE-NT cups.

As my corp mates in GENOS moved on, I started to become a well known video maker in the community, creating mostly low-entry, newbie friendly solo PVP video guides for frigates/cruisers that aimed to help people get into PVP and love the same thing I fell in love with. While it might seem like I’m an elitist PVPer, I’ve been part of many new player organisations and I actually enjoy playing in corporations such as KarmaFleet, Brave Newbies, Pandemic Horde and Dreddit - check my corp history, I get around (ingame). I’ve also done frequent guest lectures for new player initiatives such as RvB and Eve University. I also stream eve online 4-5 times a week and am a recurring guest on Talking in Stations on Sundays.

I’m currently in WE FORM V0LTA, an alliance that has moved from a feared mid-scale thera focused alliance to carving out our own space in Fade and PB. I’m enjoying my time in V0LTA as we don’t have many blues outside of our own little area and can do mostly what I want.

My proudest achievement though was serving the eve playerbase on CSM12 & CSM13!

♢ My biggest area of expertise is very obviously the knowledge and experience I have of solo/small gang PVP and the day to day general experience of eve as just the eve ‘everyguy’ who undocks every single day. I believe I stand out from other candidates in my field of expertise of solo/small gang content creation, tournament support, competitive PVP, and someone who has his ear to the ground when it comes to community sentiment, especially from the side of the fence that I represent. I stream most weekdays so you always know where to find me if you want to discuss challenges/changes and ideas with me, I’m not hidden away and I’m not going to disappear from public view as soon as I get elected.

♢ I’m reapplying for CSM because I love this game, I’ve played it for 14 years, I want to be on the CSM that will be advising CCP for what most likely will be coming into the 3rd decade of EVE! And I hope that you’ll trust me with the responsibility for that. When eve turns 20 in 2 years, I’d have been playing this game for exactly half my entire life, and with any luck, the eve servers will outlive me :smiley:

♢ You can expect me to be active the entire time I’m on the CSM. Solo/Small gang issues are the core to me as a player, but I’m also someone who dabbles in a bit of everything in eve online and I’m happy to represent industry/mining/nullsec/sov/highsec/lowsec/wormhole and all kinds of other issues.
Feel free to reach out on discord @ Suitonia#9514, twitter @suitonia, or catch me live during one of my streams at

Suitonia for CSM 13 - Re-Election here is my previous re-election thread if you’d like to get a preview of what I worked on during CSM12, during CSM13 I was a big proponent of meaningful capital rebalance, ansiblex changes (off keep gun range) and helped push the wardec changes with the rest of CSM13. That all feels like ancient history now though because eve has changed so much in the last 2 years.


\o/ yayyy!




I wonder if anyone wants to own a piece of Suitonia ex and potential next CSM member. :slight_smile:

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you have my vote, good sir! :slight_smile:

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Nice to see you running again . You are on my list.


Definitely voting for you. I hope you can help us lowsec dwellers as well.

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<3 Suitonia! I love you!


What do you think your new challenges will be this year given such the change in resources and ability to replace supercapitals? It hits on all areas of Eve.

There are absolutely tons of my corpses out there, not sure how valuable they are given the quantity that exists.

At least 2000+ of them exist :smiley:

Thanks for the support everyone :smiley:

I think the challenges will be making sure that capitals are still in a good place and have a natural escalation path after the changes, as well as valuble targets having a reason to be in space. Dreadnoughts are likely going to remain around 5-6b after the changes. What I’m most concerned about is making sure Dreads are still a viable escalation path. CCP has stated they are looking at capital PVE / mining sites at the end of the industry devblog and this excites me as having a reason to risk a supercaptial or rorqual. The worst outcome imo would be people just not undocking their toys.

With CCP also looking at intel tools, with the hinted at anti-afk cloaking tool. I want to make sure that they get it right and there is more of a balance between hunters and prey. Right now it’s too far in favor of the prey. I loved blackout personally, but it was essentially CCP taking the dial from the far right (prey) and putting it to the far left (hunters). It needs to be somewhere in the middle.

I’m also really interested in how the ESS keys will play out too.

To summarise, I think the biggest issues to me are conflict drivers and objectives.


Yes I’m aware but doesn’t cost anything to post, maybe someone is really into the Suitonia worship but unable to get a corpse or might not even realize they are interested until now. Worth a try I guess. If no buyer I just keep it as a novelty item. :slight_smile:

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Glad to see you running again, hoping for multiple small gang/balance dudes this year.

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damn another one that i voted for before… this should be a great CSM turnout if every one that is viable wins…

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Yes, yes. Yes.

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Thanks for the kind word friends :relaxed:

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Where do you stand on extrodinary measures like, not allowing ships larger than Dreads, the ability to go into low sec? Given how you need to own Sov to even create a super/titan, it would be consistent at the very least with the world.

A primary issue in Low sec, is the influence major blocks can have. The keepstar in SISI is a great example, where lowsec corps around the keep star are soft allies of Siege Green, because if they aren’t they will be attacked/harassed/cloaky camped, until their corp fractures and gives in, or till they move.

Great that you are running again. You have my vote.

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forehead prince 2001 has earned my vote

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Hey Suitona. Apologies for posting on an alt, I didn’t mean to click this toon and now I don’t know how to change it :stuck_out_tongue:

You do a great job explaining who you are and what you know - and I think most Eve players have at least heard of you by name. My question is, what proposals do you have for the game?

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