Summer Fashion Roundup Special!

With the galactic summer starting, according to the Yulai Convention calendar, fashion outlets across New Eden have released a wide range of outfits for the season, and speculation rages about fashion trends for the future.

The recent discovery of the bioadaptive Triglavian survival suits has sparked frantic activity in Coriault, with the Coriault Couture Collective showcasing designs featuring their own bioadaptive technology. Camouflage skinsuits that allow the wearer to blend into natural environments are particularly popular.

The Triglavian clothing has also caused a great amount of interest and speculation amongst capsuleers, especially regarding the apparent lack of trousers and boots for otherwise-fully enclosed outfits.

Some capsuleers suggested that the Triglavians may be fully cybernetic below the waist, while others suggested that the Triglavian lower body clothing has not yet been discovered, or perhaps is uninteresting compared to the bioadaptive upper body clothing.
“I for one cannot wait to unwrap the mystery of their trouser secret.”, said outspoken Intaki capsuleer Andreus Ixiris.

In other parts of the Federation, the Mannar Textile Institute has announced that they are studying the bioadaptive Triglavian clothing, comparing it to the existing MTI semi-transparent programmable fabrics.
“While the traditional Mannar programmable fabrics can respond to a range of stimuli, being able to react on-the-fly to situations opens up a whole range of new possibilities”, said one MTI worker.

Meanwhile, in Amarr, with the reign of Empress Catiz proceeding apace, the fashion for this year is forecast to be gold dresses, accented with gold, reflecting the mercantile abilities of the Empress. The previous fashion during the reign of Empress Jamyl, was primarily red, with either silver or gold trim.

In the Caldari State, Kaalakiota Corporation has caused a stir with the release of their YC120 pattern Basic Corporate Employee Jumpsuit, as it features two pockets on both legs, as opposed to the previous patterns, which featured two pockets on one leg, and a single, larger pocket on the other.
Some cultural traditionalists have decried this change, as asymmetric design is a hallmark of Caldari State design culture. Extremist elements have been even more outspoken, comparing the symmetrical garments to Federation outfits.
“Down with Gallente trousers!”, declared one Caldari capsuleer.

In Republic space, the debate around visibility of tattoos has been reignited, with a group of Sebiestor materials scientists unveiling a new polymer fabric, that is not only transparent, but highly insulating and breathable at the same time. Sebiestor Tribe tailors and dressmakers have said this new fabric allows the creation of transparent insulated suits, allowing even the northernmost Mirkamurkan Sebiestor to have all their tattoos (and their skin) visible at all times, even in the grip of the coldest winter.
“Long have we resented the equatorials for their ability to show their tattoos in public without freezing their danglies. Now the tables have turned.” said a Sebiestor dressmaker.
“It’s like I’m wearing nothing at all !”, said a female Sebiestor tailor.
“Stupid sexy Sebiestor”, complained a Brutor fashionista.

In the more savage parts of New Eden, the fashion news is that human leather lingerie is increasing in popularity in Sani-sabik populated areas, the Blood Raider Empress Synthia rules that body chains are too extravagant to wear in church, and that red/black colour schemes remain the most popular. Sansha’s Nation fashion remains vastly in favour of nudity, while in Guristas space, the fashion craze is to wear rabbit ears, to express “cute whimsiness”.

Gutter Press. News.


“Down with Gallente trousers!”, declared one Caldari capsuleer.

Down with all trousers, declares Ms Federation!


Only crazy people wear leather lingerie in the first place. Making it from human leather just underlines the whole “HI THERE I’M A WACKO” thing. Though some men seem to appreciate that whole leather lingerie thing, more fool them. Don’t get bitten in the neck by some sharp toothed grinning crazy girl in leather gear then come whining to me about how you had no warning.
Honestly, when I’m not in Delve to give fashion advice it seems the whole region goes nuts.

Saints preserve us.


Were drowning in shiny things. Send help.


Tired of winning?



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The Innuendo is strong in gutter press… :smiley:

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