Summon the Swarm

That the NPC warp in is soooo annoying already just 5 minutes into this. It#s not like you don’t have a slow locking time in a dread anyway.

The beacon should be visible from any point in space like mobile observatories, otherwise some guy with a silly deep safe bookmark will be able to run this 24/7 without any interruption


They will not be able to be anchored on grid with a structure.


That means the current range limit of 10,000 km will be increased to 1M km or something?


Oh CCP :woman_facepalming:

Thing is though Steve, she’s right. People are so risk averse (especially with capitals in the current state of scarcity) that it will be a binary thing.

Either it prints isk (and is therefore worth the risk) or its DOA content.


Just want to reiterate that this is on the test server and the values are subject to change - we’d love to get your feedback on the numbers/value of the site. Do note that once you finish the site there is a box in the CRAB deployable that has considerable value.

The deployable will also not be anchorable on-grid with citadels. Likewise, if you see ‘interference’ numbers showing up on the map they are totally randomised placeholder values.

Just another note: currently the deployable can be placed on grid with a Citadal/POS. This will NOT be the case.

e: “Unlike the ESS where we deliberately had low values (so the ESS banks didn’t get depleted in testing), these are much closer to what we intend” - I misspoke, a little. The expected bounty payout from the NPCs will very likely be higher. All values are subject to change, including tether time, bounty payouts, et cetera.

Your feedback is invaluable, so thank you everyone for chiming in.


Killing the ogres that the domi’s spawn is annoying for the timer to continue, please fix


Another use is to raise ADMs in fresh null systems since this will affect military indices. Keeping vulnerability timers as narrow as possible is very important for some groups that rely on timezone tanking.

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So the beacon just explodes and gives nothing?

And no final boss in my test, no drone carrier or super carrier. Are these ships among possible spawns like faction spawns in normal anoms or are they not going to show up?

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Slight bug where if you undock in rolled drones they are already damaged. The drone bay does repair them as normal though. Still testing the sites, idk if its supposed to allow cloaking/cyno’s, but it does.

Few of my biggest complaints:

No idea the actual value of the site due to the trash drops not having a value on SISI. As of right now (I know that Rise stated the drops will be buffed tomorrow) I don’t feel its worth it, you are putting anywhere from 5-9b on field with the dread/marauder combo. and getting very little in return.

Site is incredibly mundane. It’s not a big challenge. There’s no final boss or spicy battle at the end, it simply stops counting down and drops the loot. I would say these sites are one of the most boring PVE anoms I’ve done.

Advertised for carriers/supers, but I feel like you are just setting them up to die and lose a ton of ISK. They absolutely haze fighters, high and frequent alpha. Will split a carrier open very easily. I found the site to be an absolute breeze with 1 HAW Phoenix 1 Golem. HAW revelation is even better than the phoenix, actually makes it so you don’t need the golem.

I agree with being able to deploy MTU’s and cyno jammers inside of the ring with me. What I don’t like, and I know this is a bug, but I’m able to drop a POS tower then I drop the site beacon. After the 5 minute tether timer is done. I will pop the bubble and online the guns. I sat inside of the POS shield and watched it kill the rats.

I have been unable to acquire one of the skill books yet after doing several sites, so unsure if thats just how it is and they are very rare or they don’t drop at all yet. This makes it impossible for me to test out the new rolled drones :frowning:

They appear to be using sleeper AI, they will hyper-focus on E-war/remote reps which makes the site immensely easy to manipulate.

As of right now, I’m not very sure how I feel about rolling drones… I honestly feel you could have done something more meaningful. I understand you guys got bought out by PA, but I really do not want to deal with BDO RNG in this game as well.

Few of the pro’s:

New almost horde mode like gameplay, which is very fun for me. If the site actually played like a horde mode that is. Progressively harder waves. More rats, different damage/tank types with assorted ewar. Sadly it lacks all of that. The site only averages around 2-4 NPC’s per spawn with several seconds between waves. Largest spawn I had was 6 NPC’s. The distinct lack of real neut pressure makes running these in capitals a breeze unless you are in a carrier. Carriers I feel aren’t a good decision for this type of site/mob.

100% portable sites. You can do these anywhere you want in LS/NS, if one system gets a bit much traffic you can just move to the next one and setup shop there.

“Capital level” PVE. This will be nice for a whaling group, you can warp right on top of the enemy cap and go right to work mowing it over.

I will be testing this out further tomorrow when the update is made. I’ll edit this feedback as changes are made.


So you said Supercarriers and Titans can run those sites. How exactly are Titans supposed to run any type of PVE content with a non existent ability to apply? Supercarriers sure. They were already kings of ratting before.

Need to allow it to keep scanning while drones are on grid but npcs are dead so drones are inactive. Also good launch, But they do too much damage to drones imo.

Good idea tho, Think they need to be worth more as you will be required to have a fax with u or a active tanked dread / carrier.

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Yes and no.

I too would expect it to be very binary as it will be that binary in case the rewards largely consist of bounty ISK.

However, if CCP implements this well the rewards will not be ISK, but will offer value in the form of new items that can be traded on the market.

This way the rewards can be worth enough to do the sites without messing up the economy with yet another ISK source, and the value of the rewards will be balanced by supply and demand. Once many people do it the rewards become less tempting and if almost no one wants to risk their capital ship the demand for those items might make it worth it to risk a capital ship for a risk-taker.

As these sites seem to become the (only?) source for new drone stuff (the recently leaked drone upgrades I think), the rewards could very well work out fine: valuable enough for people to do it, but with a value that goes down once more people do this content.


I’ve done one of these new “sites”, so here’s what I found:

Carriers and supercarriers are out of the question, first, the carrier will just melt under 5 minutes due to how much damage the rats do, second, the fighters get insta-popped, reducing the reward a lot.
That leaves Dreads and Titans, but titans can’t track small stuff, so only Dreads.

The onlining of the beacon makes you unable to Warp, dock etc (Titan Doomsday effect) for 4mins (anchoring time) + 1 more minutes after that, so 5 minutes stuck on grid on top of the beacon.

You then need to defend the beacon for 10~30 minutes (The timer is 10 minutes, but whenever there’s rats on grid, including drones deployed by rats, the timer pauses).

The beacon is visible on overview throughout the entire system, and you can warp to it at 0 and land on top of the Dread, light cyno etc.

From what i’ve tried, a solo HAW Dread would take around 20 to 25 minutes to completes the whole site.
Did a whole site, got 2 mutaplasmids dropped by rats, 1 dropped by the Concord drone beacon, which also have 440* Rogue drone survey data (similar to trig data, sellable to NPC, no idea of its worth yet)

In a 100% BRM system, the combined bounties + ESS is around 50m isk, which barely covers the price of the beacon, which would be around 35 to 40m with the current BP and Tranquility prices.

Forgot to say, the rats can also switch aggro to the beacon itself, and destroy it in under 5 seconds, making you waste money (beacon cannot be scooped) as well as time.


Not to mention Titans are also out of the questions because they can’t even track the battleships. I tried it. Even with a stasis grappler it is a gamble.

The sites require a capital ship to online the beacon, but it’s not necessarily solo content right?

Just wondering, could you activate it in a fax with battleships to kill the rats?

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Did you guys forget that you nerfed capital survivability? or that you made them so expensive there is no point in flying them outside of alliance fleets? I seriously doubt that any reward will be worth actually using a capital. You guys need to fix capitals before something like this is even viable.

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I would agree with you but years of mining and destroying economy already proves that you are wrong. Not to mention that drones aren’t meta outside PvE. Who will be buyer for this? Abyss runners? Supers pilots? Demand will be limited and it’s not like new drones will make them more broadly used in PvP to keep destruction and demand up.

I’m not even gonna start on risk aversion. People aren’t gonna use new drones if they will be expensive.

Somehow it feels like decent idea at drawing board. but fail in same spot like every other idea: CCP don’t understand own game.

You could use a FAX to online it yes, but then you’d need to split loot, and your Battleships would need a good buffer.

In my first try i had a carrier with 50 to 80% resists, and sometimes when they were shooting in my highest resistances I took some 6k alpha every 5s.

The rats also have a good amount of EHP compared to normal rats, so you’d need a few battleships to kill the rats at a decent speed, but then you’d split loot even more.

So this has nothing to do with the players, this is just a way to fix the problems scarcity created. Which means they have no plan on reversing scarcity. nice.