Super carrier in hs?



I would bet that the character has been dormant for a long time and had a lot of stuff in null-sec (supercap included).

Fun Fact: If a character goes dormant in null-sec for a long period of time and comes back to find all their stuff in a different political landscape, the player can file a petition to be moved.
If the GMs are feeling merciful, they will move ONE ship (and everything in it) to high-sec so they can “start over” in peace.
If that “one” ship is a capital, then it must leave high-sec as soon as possible.

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the character in question is a GM (CCP)


Oh… then they can do whatever the hell they want! :smiley:
Or they are doing an event.
Either way.

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Either @Thankarat was just trolling about it being in hisec, or didn’t actually pay attention that it’s a CCP employee in the super carrier.

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