Supercapital construction

(Raudur Froskur) #1

Is sovereignty still required for assembling super hulls, even with a Sotiyo?

(ISD Aurvandil) #2

Yes, of course.
In order to build supercapital ships on the Sotiyo you need Standup Supercapital Shipyard I service module.
To put this service module online you also have to install Supercapital Construction Facilities into ihub (which requeres sovereignty on your system and strategic level 1).

(Inactive Seller) #3

by the way, exist a list of rigs for EC ? i had recently the need to put a raitaru but dont see anywahere a list of rigs / service modules

(ISD Aurvandil) #4 Try this :slight_smile:

(Inactive Seller) #5

ummm thanks. not obvious but need check too online with “standup” =P

Thanks for answer

(Raudur Froskur) #6

Thank you kindly, good Sir!

(Do Little) #7

The information is also available in game using the market tool.

For service modules - Structure Equipment -> Service Modules -> Engineering Service Modules. The info tab will tell you what the module does, fuel requirements and any restrictions on its use.

For rigs - Structure Modifications -> Structure Engineering Rigs -> Medium … Again the info tab will tell you what they do and any restrictions on their use.

(Inactive Seller) #8

Thanks, not much intuitive ( as always i need leave citadel or station, seek somethig, push x to kill the rsults … )

(Col Crunch) #9

Keep in mind you can also simulate citadel fittings, so you dont have to spend money to figure out that there are better ways to fit it out.

(Do Little) #10

You can (and should) test your fit on Singularity before building one on TQ!