Support for Nvidia Freestyle?

Is there any information about CCP/Nvidia supporting Freestyle? It allows players to customize post-processing filters to change the visuals of the game. Eve is beautiful but the engine is starting to show its age; I think most would agree. Allowing players to fiddle with settings such as HDR, bloom, depth of field, colours, contrast, exposure etc would be appreciated by many, and wouldn’t have an impact in terms gameplay advantage.

Can anyone from the dev team chime in?

For those of you not familiar, it’s like SweetFX on steroids.

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I think this would be an EULA violation…

CCP is generally against such things wanting everyone’s experience to be as close to the same as possible. This avoids arguments over x gives an unfair advantage in y circumstance

Understood, but would you or anyone else be able to provide an example of how adjusting filters would lead to an advantage over another player in Eve?

The main question should be whether it is the “best” use of developer time - what is CCPs expected return on investment?

Something we hear from the CCP devs so often it’s practically a meme “we’d love to do that if we had the time”

I’d wager a guess that it wouldn’t take an unreasonable amount of developer time. Quite a few games supported, some have only recently left early access.

if any of them could be used to provide greater contrast of or visibility of anything on screen.

I have a Samsung S22D300 monitor that has a “game mode” function, which boosts the contrast of the screen, making the colors clearer and small details more visible. This is a builtin function provided by the hardware itself.
If I’m using this mode, does that mean I’m cheating?

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not yet so long as it does it on the monitor and does not do it specifically on the client. even if it does it on the client the odds of ccp going after you is low

Well, if they want to catch me then they need to use the client, through which they need to hack the bios of the monitor, to check if I’m using that mode, so I think I’m safe for now…

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aside for the record of you saying you did it :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah they don’t really hunt these things down its just in the EULA as a broad net incase they want to go after something specific in the future

I didn’t actually read the EULA (seriously, did anyone aside from the lawyer who wrote it?) but I don’t think it covers any advantage that customized hardware would give, because if that would be the case than the Able Gamers would be permabanned.

it does cover anything modified inside the client however and it does cover custom hardware and has strict no-nos. particularly anything that allows for macros or impute broadcasting.

but again if you read it you will see a lot of no-nos that are commonplace in eve. they are mostly just CYA things

Players can already adjust the contrast and visibility of things on screen as has been said. Monitors sharpen the image, control saturation, contrast. Digital vibrance, anisotropic filtering, gamma adjustments, ambient occlusion settings, even dynamic super resolution smoothness settings in driver control panels greatly change the way the game looks. None of it is “cheating”. They’re all benefits of using PCs, much to the disdain of console plebs :wink:

If anything, Freestyle users would put themselves at a disadvantage compared to those not using it. If I want to limit my visibility by using depth of field and blur for a prettier effect, why not. There aren’t any filters that render distant objects any sooner compared to using no filters, or any magnification.

it’s not a matter of if this particular thing would be a problem or not. The issue is CCP supporting something that is technically not allowed

Lugh, CCP determines what is allowed, which is exactly why I posed the question to them about potential plans to support it.

yes but they can’t support something one place and have it against the rules in another

EULA’s change all the time. The basis for not allowing this is, in your words, “avoids arguments over x gives an unfair advantage in y circumstance”. I’ve already explained why I think Freestyle wouldn’t offer anyone a competitive advantage over another player.

they are not going to add an exception for this one case that just makes for messy EULAs

Well Lugh, this is the forum for players to suggest ideas and features, and for us to discuss how they would change Eve, for better or worse. As EULA’s can change, I’d like to request that we leave talk of EULA’s for another time.