Support not good anymore

You’re demanding the impossible from some of these players. How people are able to tie their shoes without outsourcing this difficult act to someone else is going to be one of those mysteries we never get an answer to.

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Know how to to have support respond to your request.

Please contact them directly and be absolutely honest with your question.

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The title assumes it was ever ‘good’ in the first place.


My requests have been handled very well in the last year or so.

I don’t think I ever used or requested support here. I have nothing to use as an objective medium.

  • When I don’t know how things work, I resort to using Youtube for game play assistance.
  • When the game doesn’t work as intended, I check notifications here in these forums.
  • When I spend cash money… well that’s not going to happen, they still don’t have anything I am interested in buying.

Maybe someday I will login and my account will be gone or the game will have shutdown, but then no amount of player support will change either of those things. You are best to just enjoy what you do, while you have the option to do it.

I filed for a missing ship…got a reply in just 4 days showing detailed logs that showed the ‘missing’ ship had never existed in the first place and I’d just mis-counted. Logically the log had to be correct. It’s actually quite easy when one has so many items and is moving them…to imagine one went missing.

I had to go through 19 lines of log several times to grasp that my version of events can’t have been correct. I have since closed the ticket.