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I was writing a ticket this morning and while adding in details I was logged out by the system itself. Once logging back in all the hard work I had slowly added in in probably ~2 hours (long ticket) was lost since the text field did not save any of the details or apparently register me as an active user so autologged me out.

My suggestion would be that the support tool would be modernized to current standards. “Last activity” and text entered would be saved like they are in the forums right now. So what happened to me would not happen again.

My suggestion would be don’t spend 2 hours writing a ticket.

Seriously. Do you honestly expect a GM to read something that you took 2 hours to write?

It should take you less than 2 minutes to write a very clear summary of the problem, maybe another 2 minutes to write supporting details.


“Make the session timeout longer” also has nothing to do with things being “modern”.

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Always write this sort of thing in a word processor and copy and paste it when ready.


Without going into the details I more as meant suggestions for the tool that as an example. It had automatic saving of the text field like the new forums do. So if you say log out and want to continue later, or have a power outage etc or Windows 10 decides to install itself suddenly all your hard work isn’t lost. It can be a 10 minute or a 10 hour text I’m writing, the point remains valid. Just a small QOL improvement.

The forums auto save bs is part of the biggest problem with the new forums… they needlessly shred data

Always shred alllll the data!

not empty quoting.

Writing a 2 hour long ticket is just asking for it never to get a reply. Get the issue down as quickly and as to the point as possible. If more detail is needed, give it later.

And that’s advice for a lot more than just tickets in EVE Online.

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