Why write a ticket will frustrate you more

The company seem to be really angry at customer because they support is nonexistent. One of the main Technics for Customer Care ( I studied this stuff) Is when people are angry or experiencing problems is to let the customer vent out their problems and seem to be in their side and apologetic, yet you hold a firm position and don’t let the customer move forward with their complain. This is why when we write our tickets they wont even care to really read them and reply non senses but related to our topic. I would know i posted 10 tickets non of them resolved yet they will close or write random stuff up until you grow tired. Or they have forum or Council’s yet as much is debated no real change is made.
Whats good for the company is to know that yes your game dies at increasingly rate is really visible you gave up years ago and the community supported you yet you only milk us.

i don’t know wich customer support you’re talking about…
I submited a ticket yesterday a very helpful GM replied only 10 minutes later.

Would these tickets be to do with your failure to type the right number of zeros when buying stuff, by any chance ? And did you do this ten times, or were you spamming the support system ?

ref: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/trading-topic/134036

Beside, that one. Try:
-Unable to login several times
-Unable to log out (till today i need to do ctrl alt del)
-Crashed several times while on flight showed up destroyed
-Stop learning (this i keep following and sometime your learning skill queue stops)
And if notice i admit there is a mistake in my side what i complain in my previous post is on top of the over payed the mechanics seem focused in punish you even more and can clean your account.

I know it sucks, but the main way to get help is to do the support tickets. Depending on what’s going on, they can take a while to work through. I’m sorry you’re having trouble.

In 10 tickets ranging all sorts of problems not even once i was granted assistance including technical game issues. If there was a game with a market system similar to EVE i wouldn’t even hesitate and never play again. The support is awful tha’s why so many people drop. The game is impossible to do anything on it for like a year. And is empty coz of the lack of fun in having months of play destroyed coz the company thinks is fun to let 20 chars put Jita under siege. or stuff like that. If you want a safe heaven you don’t have it. If you want to trade mechanics against you. Exploration forget about it… Industry is a waste of time since most of time the stuff you sell is under the price of materials.
So unless you have an account that is old, the entire game is against you… Why do you think new people don’t stay in??? is because we cannot we get blow we lose cash your training queue gets stop and there is no support.
How do you plan to repopulate a game that needs SP to work is difficult and you don’t help people?

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