** support ticket phishing **

I had an official response from CCP to a ticket that apparently came from my account this morning. I had already been asleep for 2 hours at the time it was sent to CCP. There was a link in the ticket that led to a hostile site. Do not click the link if you get the same response.

I did not submit the ticket.


You should be able to see in the header information of the e-mail where it actually came from if it’s a fake.

If I was you then I’d be more worried about how the “phisher” actually got your e-mail address in the first place. You may want to trace back any steps you’ve made in the recent past and check where you may have entered it. This would greatly help in identifying the root of the phishing attempt.

no, the email was legitimate. the email was not the issue. the link was in the official CCP response (in my apparent initial ticket). I have not submitted a ticket on this toon in 2 yrs.

The ticket is legitimate.

ya need to send this to security@ccpgames.com, i think

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I don’t subscribe to most of the security theater that people who want to sell you things like active virus scanning want you to believe will keep you safe. I’ve turned off every feature in my windows install that MS claims will “protect” me (from everyone but them). Hell, I still use the same password for this site that I made 9 years ago that you could crack in about six minutes if you had any skills at all.

But when it comes to my email, that’s a whole different story. I have at least 20 gmail and the like accts on a virtual machine for visiting web addresses that require a log in or an email address to access. I have 5 paid email accts billed to untraceable means of payment for everything from gov’t to banking to employment. They have 40 character passwords that are changed every week. They are each assigned one thing to log in to and if ever anything untoward shows up on one it’s because of the people I link it to being compromised. Not me. And it’s easy to prove it to them should it cost me anything important.

90% of what you are supposed to be afraid of from the internet is a farce and what you should actually be afraid of has such a low profit margin that its importance is minimized to the point you don’t do anything about it.

Your email is the gateway to your life. Put a big ass lock on it.

PSA by Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


So legitimate in that if you login to eve online’s service center and look at your tickets it is in that list and not just an email? If someone can file a ticket in your name that means they logged in to your account to file the ticket.

Please login to the help center and check if anyone has created a support ticket by using your account credentials. If there is a support ticket that you have not created, your account might be compromised. I would advice you to change your password and check for malware on your computer.

If you need further help, please do not hesitate to contact the support team via the above linked help center.