Support ticket timer reset but no answer

I made a non-urgent support ticket about 5-6 days ago and was checking it occasionally to see if i had an answer. Yesterday I log into the support site and notice the timer no longer says “5 Days Ago”, but has reset to a few hrs, and now at time of writing this the ticket timer has risen to “1 Day Ago”. There has still been no reply which is fine since this is not an urgent matter but i’m curious about the timer reset. Does this mean someone has read my ticket and just doesn’t have a reply yet? I’ve never seen the timer change without any change to the ticket content (replies etc) and it peaked my interest. I’d be interested to know the mechanics.

Good Morning,

Firstly, I do apologise about waiting times while the wonderful Game Masters do attempt to review tickets and respond as quickly as possible, sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that slow their response down a little bit.

Given that only Game Masters and the player who created a support ticket can see the status of that request I cannot tell you what has happened. But I would suggest taking a look at the information on the right side of your ticket’s screen. You may see that it has been assigned to someone.

No worries mate take another month if you got stuff on :loveparrot: not the least bit urgent. Literally just curious about the timer.

Nothing in ticket properties about re-assignment. The plot thickens…

That’s unfortunate. Hopefully you hear back from the Game Masters soon.

Best of luck o7

Cheers :blush:

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