Supporting CODE Was A Mistake

Hello, it is Victor Medvil here you may know me as one of the biggest arms dealers in EVE:Online my weapons found on almost every battlefield made from my blueprints , I wanted to have a real talk about something. Basically to start off with, I sell Exhumers BPCs as one of my product lines and to increase sales I had been supporting Princess Aiko along with Code and Friends with Catalysts to increase sales of Exhumer BPC as they gank miners it seemed like a logical choice to give them catalysts to increase sales of the exhumers and the BPCs of Exhumers from the death of miners forcing them to buy a new ship thus making industrialists that make the exhumers buy my BPCs from me.

However, I found out this is a slippery slope as the very Catalysts I gave Princess Aiko to kill miners could have been used to commit a hate crime against a fellow player as he was targeted by CODE because of his sexuality as a Furry. A couple days ago, a person came into the chat of a streamer furry and began to say things such as “Furry was Mental Illness” And other sexual harassment sort of things then proceeded to kill his Co-Streamer’s Golem with many catalysts and terrorize this streamer making him cut the stream and begin crying, I think to myself could this have been the very catalysts I gave them to kill miners? How much pain and suffering had I caused by giving these ships to CODE just to increase sales of my products… If I had chosen my customers and who I support more wisely how many innocents could have been saved from losing their ship along with being targeted because of their sexuality amongst other things. This has made me question some of my business practices in EVE: Online, I will NEVER Support suicide gankers ever again after this. Maybe Supporting dictators and autocracies with arms in EVE:Online was a bad idea…

-Victor Medvil, A Arms Dealer with a Heart.


Wall of text without line breaks. Will wait for a TLDR or if none provides then nothing of value was lost. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The TLDR is, I gave weapons to code to increase sales of exhumers that were used to kill someone based on their sexuality and I regret giving them to Code.


Ganking does seem to attract more D-bags than other activities, however, that does not mean that all gankers are bullies, or that all bullies are gankers. So, if you want to support gankers, maybe look for those that do it for fun and profit, rather than those that do it for the tears.

P.S. I’m not saying it’s right, but bullying someone because of their fetish isn’t a hate crime.

P.S.S. This might seem silly, but a lot of people have been mistakenly saying code when they mean safety (or saying “code/safety”), which leaves me confused as to whether what I’m hearing/reading is factually correct, or whether the writer/speaker is confused. So, just for clarification, Aiko, and a bunch of other people from Code, left Code to form Safety. Thus, you cannot use code and safety interchangeably.
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Well, I dunno Whatever CODE has become these days. Basically those people that suicide gank in catalysts then invite you to the “Why Was I Ganked” Channel.

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bul·​ly | \ ˈbu̇-lē , ˈbə- \

a person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those whom they perceive as vulnerable.


So I’m not sure why this is so difficult for some people to grasp, but hunting another human for fun and profit in a PvP-centric video game is not the same as intentionally inflicting psychological distress on another individual. Like, you get that right? Me killing a soft target in Eve is not morally equivalent to things like privately or publicly mocking someone in order to illicit an emotional response out of them, or encouraging people to harass someone and tell them to kill themself.

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In fact, let me put it this way:

Some PETA nuts might disagree, but there is a difference between a hunter an animal abuser. Both might kill animals, but they are not the same. They kill for different reasons, and they kill in very different ways.

I am a hunter. In fact, many, many gankers are hunters. I know it might seem like a lot of gankers are abusers, but the truth of the matter is that the salt farmers tend to attract a hell of a lot more attention than the dudes that are friendly, professional, helpful, or that have no social interaction with their targets. For example, I don’t say a word to a lot of my targets because I’m too busy securing the loot, doing concord pulls and reshipping (I multibox). And when I do talk them, it’s usually because they’re new, and I’m telling them what they did wrong.
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Excuse after excuse, what a pathetic apologist… just own up already.

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And some hunters will track and stalk their prey for hours or days to get a kill, or use a bow instead of a gun to make it more of a challenge.

Other hunters pay money to go to a game ranch where they can have an animal lead right up to the base of their tree stand with bait so they can shoot it.

I have no issue personally with gankers, and I’ve never said they weren’t good for the game economy or that high-sec ganking should be stopped.

But lets be honest about it at least, the whole “we’re really the good guys” and “saviors of high sec” is just laughable.


So by couple of days ago, you mean last night, and by furry, you mean KazumaGShep, and by insulting their sexuality, you a member of CODE who Aiko literally didnt even know about till you told her LATER ON after it already happened then literally instead of asking her if she sanctioned it, instead instantly said you were no longer supporting CODE instead of taking a moment to rationally think “Huh this person could of did this on their own will and was not remotely related to CODE okaying it!”

I mean you did take the time to show everyone here that the guy CODE dropped was in a 4 bill Golem and it was rather easily a grand target for them to hit if they had the opertunity and that this entire furry nonsense is just them making up a fake story beliving their getting attacked for being…you know, furries?

Like seriously man they got a freaking blog that showed you that Aiko had no idea of the situation and you already had moved to disowning CODE before she could even respond mate; and literally she responded to you saying that CODE was after the Golem and even with that information you still made this post claiming its about the furry stuff when you were literally flatfaced told both in the Stream, In the Blog AND EVEN in a mail that it was for the 4 Bill Golem in Highsec? Dear lord man talk about making a situation worse then it actually is!


That maybe your view on this however I watched it all happen I was randomly in that stream by mere chance, I know what happened. Aiko may have made that propaganda about this on James315 however what I am telling you is the truth. I don’t care, I will NEVER make another catalyst again. They only sell for like 7 million isk anyways, I am done helping suicide gankers, if I had the power I would literally put sanctions on you guys in game about this and make it to where you couldn’t buy catalysts, but I know you would always just buy them off public sell orders which makes that impossible. Frankly, I used to respect you guys, it’s not because you killed that golem, it is about that you basically hated on him for being a furry in his stream and targetted him because of that. I have furry friends on the internet and I do not tolerate stuff like this, Frankly, I am going to raise hell about this.

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I’m glad you made this post so I can actually show you how wrong you are. So here we go!

Twitch - 3 hours and 30 minutes in please note that all 25 CODE ships are literally being flown by 1 man named Goose multiboxing and note how for 15 seconds they NEVER ONCE lock him and only lock the Golem and kill him. Literally Shep had 15 seconds to charge warp, a charge that would of easily left him dead to rights against 25 ships all with warp disrupters.

2 - Read the chat after the fight and notice how Aiko never once said anything about his boyfriend, sexuality, race or even being a furry, and literally posted only 13 times saying how had he paid the CODE he never would of got popped.

3 - If you are indeed correct this would fall under harrasment, why on earth would CODE or any Corporation take that risk when there’s literally a page on this forum and the main site saying that CCP does not stand for harrasment in the first place? Why would they actually take that risk?

4 - Back to the first point, notice how it was one man literally multiboxing and yet your blaming ALL OF CODE? please seriously note that, I linked you the video myself above and literally the guys name repeats 25 times with Goose showing its a literal multiboxer for 1 user and yet your blaming ALL OF CODE?

Last note here that I will make for you victor since your hellbent on this nonsense is that even after being shown it was a lone-wolf attack with several accounts, clearly after just the Golem, not once did they anti-warp Sheps ship only the Golem as you can CLEARLY SEE in the linked video and further more in all 13 messages Aiko only says that had they paid the code they would of been spared, do you actually have ANY EVIDENCE to counter this even AFTER AT 5 hours into that same video Sheps boyfriend LITERALLY SAID as does Shep himself! Said they were talking crap and that they were EXPECTING AN ATTACK TO! That they saw this coming because they were in a Golem, again do you have any evidence to back up your so called anti-furry attack?


I am not going to debate this with you, you can believe whatever you want, that is apart of being in a free country, however that doesn’t make it correct.

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Very well In that case I believe CCP (or whatever moderators work here) can lock this as this would be pointless to continue to attempt to break down what you believe was done wrong when your already shown to be another lad hellbend on tearing down CODE/Safety for whateve personal mission your seeking. Good luck to ya

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Fair enough, Have a wonderful day.

Who the ■■■■ is this tube?


I stay in Rookie Help and Hi Sec space when I play EvE Online.

I used to be very scared to admit this when I first started playing the game. All the gankers who were joined in Rookie Help and Minechan to gather intel terrified me. I was doing all the things they hated. I was making myself a target with my actions, so I kept quiet about it.

I stopped solo highsec mining and suddenly started to become more open about my operational security in chats. Come to find out: no one gave a damn about me before and no one gives a damn about me now. I constantly admit I am a valid target for CODE. or SAFETY. all the time, but why do they never ever bother me?

  1. I never carry anything worth their time. Sure, maybe I fly around a few tiny valuables through Uedama now and again, but much less often than I do not. Hauling is not my primary source of income, so I am only scanned when I fly a hauler (generally, although of course I can’t know for sure, just that I noticed it in my BR when it doesn’t let me cloak :smiley: ).

  2. I never fly blingy ships. Putting a singular faction mod on my fit is more than enough bling, even for t1 battleship hulls in L4 missions, which is how I gain half of my income. Flying anything that tips over the value of the amount of catalysts it will take to kill me, means that my death will be worth more isk than theirs, so then they win(?)! I simply do not allow this to happen.

  3. I am no fun. Socially. Probably EvE-wise, too. I will likely produce salt, but only after much teeth pulling and logic shenanigans. I could not tell you what I do differently than others, but I might have in idea: I get called a troll, kinda a lot. I take on ad hoc ironic masks all the time and use them as if they were my own, usually for the purpose of getting some jimmies rustled. I guess I’m good at it, because I am only trolled back in public chats, never in-game.

  4. I play in specific areas of Hi Sec space. Not every neighborhood is a good one. How else does one figure out if a city if worth going to or not? Read and ask questions before jumping in and going to the hood, maybe.

I always feel a twinge of paranoia when I admit these things in public, but meh. What are they going to do to me? Wipe out my cheap ships and lose monumental isk in the process? I would simply log out after the first death and play in a couple hours after a bike ride or something-- when I know my attackers will become bored and move on, because I will let them.

This assumes they could find me playing at the same time as them anyways, which could happen, if I got their attention hard enough, maybe. I really just don’t know how I would go about that, unless posting soemthing like this-- but I’ve done this kind of post plenty of times in the past. I never get harassed because I’m not fun to harass.

Methinks the victims are asking for it. Prove me wrong!

On-topic: tasty bait.


Welcome to the club of people who finally stopped giving a crap.


Wait a minute…furries are real !!!