Surgical Strike and Conflict Promotion

So I have read the patch notes and have seen the changes, and have not seen much in conflict promotion. Perhaps the best way to promote conflict is to do away with Concord, I mean if CCP really wants to return to the days of brawling. That would certainly achieve that goal, make the whole game a FFA, everyone wins!

when ccp nerfed my pvp fits then I gave up this game, 1st they pissed me off with nerfing offgrid boosters then this , pffff F pvp


Are you too scared to go into low sec? Why should you be allowed to PVP with impunity in high sec when you have the other 4 fifths of the game are open season for people like you? If you want the removal of concord, you are not interested in PVP. You are only interested in cheap, risk free farming. People like you are among the reasons why there is (subjevitely) so little conflict happening these days.

Not to mention: You are in a war dec immune alliance of 12k other characters like you. You are actively running away from conflict.

And you really ask for the removal or curtailing of Concord when you do nothing, not even take the slightest bit of effort to promote conflict? May I suggest that you first exhaust all available means to create conflict before you resort to inconvenience other people with your incompetence? That would be much appreciated.


Perhaps, but on the other hand invincible Concord was in fact devised very early on as a direct response to remote repping battleships smartbombing the hell out of a HS junction. By all means fix war decs and make it easier to fight in HS, but as long as there is a high sec and a low sec, there kind of has to be a meaningful distinction between them.


Offgrid boosting isnt pvp. It was an exploit. Git gud

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Lol tou just ended this guy whole career ! Dont need to reply to him anymore lol


because concord completely stops you in wars and low/null/wh right?

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Troll thread?

Concord is what makes high sec the most interesting aspect of EVE, the struggle between law and crime. Without it, the game just becomes like any other conquest PvP game.



Honestly, I think CCP is already on the right track, and am excited to see to what happens.

Also, your thread title is misleading. This thread should be titled “get rid of concord,” or something.


Nobody would win beside the 15%-20% pvp minority.

Every few months a bad PVPer asks for this.
There are highsec to nullsec jumps that are basically free fire zones.
And slaughter houses. No Concord though.

Concord do not represent security …

Concord is just a Cost x Reward Mechanic …

High-Sec mechanics could allow more confrontation between players … mainly against characters that already committed crimes in High-Sec Space.

It sucks to see Gankers around Stargates in High-Sec and not be able to attack them without being destroyed by Concord soon after.

High-Sec is only useful for buying and selling things.

And for learning the game, which is as it should be. If you want to get rich and/or build your empire you should leave the tutorial zone and go out into the more interesting parts of the game. But if you want highsec to be a place where the only threat is suicide ganking then you don’t get to have much content to exploit.


Which is as it should be. EVE is a PvP game, success should depend on PvP skill and activity. If you want to get rich off industry you should be defending your operation against other players who want to stop you, using combat PvP as a tool to enforce your monopoly on the region’s mineral resources, using market manipulation to drive other players out of business, etc. Passive non-interactive wealth accumulation is terrible in a game that is supposed to be half war, half competitive capitalism. And the players who have lost sight of the fact that industry/mining/etc are competitive activities where everyone else in the game is a rival to be destroyed on your way to the top need to be driven out of EVE.

(Now, I wouldn’t go as far as removing CONCORD. But wars need to have their structure requirement removed and NPC corps need to have extremely high tax rates that discourage anyone from staying in them longer than a brief moment between player corps.)


Compete BS…

Eve has to focus on the MAJORITY and not on an irrelevant minority…

This crap is the SOLE REASON why so many people leave this game…

Only the voice of PVP and null is heard here,thanks to the goon csm dominance regardless how loud the outcry of the 80% is…this is suicidal,as any reasonable human being in this forum understands…

PVP has only it’s supposed birthright of spoilness and that’s not even close to be enough reason to kill this game for it…

The numbers are declining cleared by the corona factor and CCP is doing the complete opposite of what they should do…



They were on a slightly good way with the few pve patches they did,they were half baked and did not nearly go far enough,but as they saw the few PVP rage quits happening they entered panic mode and turned the ship 180° right on course to the iceberg instead of turning away from it…

They have no dev that can see the consequences of crap like this,not even a single one…all they can see is the next ‘glorious’ monthly report and not the situantion in half a year…
They use statistic tricks like only putting the highest day player number into those report statistic and not the average as it should be to ‘sweeten up’ the numbers.

That’s sad but not unexpected regarding the fact that they fired devs who actually knew what they do and replaced them with those who don’t but are way cheaper,so tricks like that are the only possibility they have beside really faking them…

Now they have a staff that can create ‘great’ skins after ‘great’ skin but for anything else like ‘reasonable content’ they would need detailed instructions of what to do…

No instructor left so…well…

So sad…


Nope. As we keep explaining to you this is bad business. The majority that wants a non-interactive game of passive wealth accumulation is already playing the many games that offer it and are unlikely to come to EVE in large numbers or stay very long if they do. The minority that wants a game of war and competitive capitalism has few options outside of EVE and is likely to stay for a long time if they get into EVE.

PS: successful industry/mining/etc players hate people like you and want you to STFU and ragequit. The last thing they want is for CCP to hand everyone free ISK and ruin their profit margins.



Would a game like this be too unconviniend for you?

Listening to what the MAJORITY of your customers want and a loud MINORITY not is ‘bad buisness’?

That’s an interesting buisness decision,you should hold buisness lectures at your local college…

They don’t want you?

Well maybe because anybody with a slight knowlegde and reason KNOWS that buisness decisions like this are SUICIDAL for ANY buiness…


CCP is a company that has to make PROFIT,nothing else…the unconvinience of a minority is complete irrelevant here…

If you say so…ingame mails tell another story…but i guess i’m only making this up,hm?

No. The point you keep ignoring is that the “majority” you keep inventing is a majority of the gaming industry as a whole, not a majority of CCP’s potential customer base. They’re a minority of the people CCP is likely to capture as profitable long-term customers. The problem is that you have a very superficial at best understanding of markets and market research, so the only thing you can do is quote the MAJORITY WANTS PVE statistic over and over again without understanding the context that it exists in.

CCP is a company that has to make PROFIT,nothing else…the unconvinience of a minority is complete irrelevant here…

Exactly. CCP exists to make a profit, and the way to make a profit is to continue as they have been doing for 15+ years: target a market that they have near-total dominance of and secure long-term subscription payments from those customers. The suicidal choice would be to throw that market dominance away in favor of targeting a new market where they have near-zero market share, near-zero ability to expand their market share, and near-zero long-term commitment potential from most of the customers they do capture.

If you say so…ingame mails tell another story…but i guess i’m only making this up,hm?

In-game mails from who? I doubt many successful mining/industry/etc players are wasting time with sad losers like you.


Sad part is that you REALLY have no clue,not just acting it out,everybody knows it and find it adorable,but instead of getting it you think everybody encourages you for it.

This goes so far that you actually believe you are right in what you post…


The reason that CCP craps all over carebears is because they know carebears will bend over and take it, and keep paying for the privilege. They also know that carebears are interchangeable, so as long as the churn is managed to keep a relatively stable number of people, it doesn’t matter if those are the same people as last month or not.

The PvP folks pay for multiple accounts. EVE fills a niche for the sadistic bully in them that they can’t find anywhere else, and to ensure that their predatory behavior against carebears doesn’t really affect their supply line, they’ve got an armada of automated alts hiding out in the protection of the blue donut harvesting a metric crapton of resources on an hourly basis.

CCP also doesn’t have a particularly high cost per unit of service anymore. Their principal expense is in keeping the dev team making terrible changes, but they’ve already made the capital investment for the game’s core code base and their technology infrastructure, so they could lose a lot of accounts without much financial turmoil. At any point, they can decide not to keep updating the game other than actual bug fixes and save a ton of money on labor costs, too.

The only way for the carebears to have their voices heard is for pretty much ALL of them to decide not to pay anymore and go alpha, PLUS not provide any easy targets for the PvPers so that some of them get bored and leave, too. Basically, the bears would all have to use EVE as nothing more than a free chatbox for several months in order for CCP to care even the slightest bit about what makes the game enjoyable for them.

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