Surprised and Perplexed

Imagine my displeasure after an incident that cost me 4 weeks of game time, the loss of 9bil in ships and the issue of not being able to see ships when trying to move them to safe location. Anyway here is the story to whet your appetites.

Some time ago I was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia and at one point I needed to lay the game aside while I worked through memory loss as well. During this time I was alerted through Discord that I should move my ships or lose them. I went through the process of logging in to find the UI was not working and that I could not see my ships to contract them out. Yes, obviously I sent in a ticket which took 4 weeks to sort. After 4 weeks I had lost the ships and at least 2 weeks of Omega. Now here’s the rub: while the GM was apologetic nil compensation was offered to help regain my losses, very strange I thought. So I am at least 1bil in arrears and trying to restart some of my Omega accounts with enough isk to only buy 1 Omega slot.

Does this sound fair? I think not…
I am posting this here as a suggestion from the GM GM Caliban in the hope that some discussion will come of it, and perhaps some restitution of my losses.
Thoughts welcome

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