Survey: Shadows of Cambridge Analytica

I started the survey, sounded like a good deal, but bailed partway through when it became apparent what it was.
Now I am wondering how much CCP is getting paid for that information.
You may feel differently, but to me selling that sort of personal information for week of omega time is just not worth it.

If you don’t know about Cambridge Analytica, but are interested, then ask Dr Google or your preferred reality-augmentation-facility


At the very least, an amount to cover however many weeks of Omega they’re giving away. Then add 25% as a fudge factor. Plus a per thousand replies premium.

Yeah, they’re going to come out ahead on this one. Especially as 99% of players will just do the thing for bonus time and only 1% will harp about it here and on reddit where no one will see it anyway.


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Yes, they’re going to be making good use of the info on my account garbage email address.

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