Suspect timer when repairing EDENCOMM or Triglavian NPCs in invasion systems

Its a silly mechanic that is boring for both sides. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be able to repair NPCs, but the way it works now you’re in the fight without being a part of the fight. If you repair EDENCOMM or Triglavian NPCs in an invasion system you should become part of the site, meaning the opposing side should be able to shoot you to complete the site.

Giving the person a suspect flag when repairing NPCs will fix this issue.

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Do people get a suspect flag for shooting Triglavian ships?

No, not suspect for shooting Edencom either.

I think you get a suspect flag for repping any other NPCs, not sure why these ones don’t.

Working as intended.

@Sehi_Ehr please cry moar.

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You don’t get suspect flags for repping any NPCs, nor should you in general, but with how sloooow the bar pushes for both sides (and especially sloooow for trig side until they changed something very recently) the offensive logi that has no counter besides more dps makes the whole system even slower.

There are counters to it, you just don’t like them.

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