Switching from PVP to Industry?!

Greetings all!

I’m interested in the perspectives/experiences of players who made the switch from pvp to industry. I dont mean having an indy alt or two… im talking about players who completely changed their playstyles!

Why change? Do both!

I’m experimenting with both. Only small time indy but its fun.

Well, from doing both over the years on different alts, I can say there are ups and downs.

Changing over to Industry is different mostly in pace. Ratting, PVPing, and generally pew pewing are more isk productive in the short run. The rush is also addicting, especially when you come out on top.

For industry, things can be slow and you can be generally poor in the beginning. Finding the right market, the right mix of sourcing material, and areas to manufacture all take time to set up. Take into account losses from pirates, wars, and general CODE hits, then you’re looking at something that is more of a long haul. But get it right, then you start having more ISK than you really know what to do with.

Just know you’re going to miss the rush of a fight, and the pull of that is going to be very high when pirates start popping your mining barges. Just be careful that you don’t get sucked back in.

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Why not have a PVP alt and several industry alts ?

That’s what I do, it’s fine.

Also industry allows to get plex. But it may need some investment first.

You get an endorphin rush with PVP combat but you spend a significant amount of time trying to actually locate desirable fights.

I don’t think industry ever has that 60 seconds experience of endorphin rush. It more like a treadmill where you see yourself continuously moving towards goals you set for yourself (often ultimately related to your wallet value or total value of outstanding market orders). You wont have as many exciting stories to tell but you can have a more sustained feeling of accomplishment (due to continuous and measurable progress). Plus Industry could provide the income to actually pay for the PVP…

PVP revolves around the pursuit of a short term adrenaline rush and the resulting stories of vanquishing an opponent in fast paced winner takes all battles.
Industry revolves around designing and implementing long term strategic plans and objectives.

Disclaimer: I’m just now returning to the game from an almost 1 year absence, so my experiences are definitely dated…

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