(kul Shaishi) #1

Leading revolutionary ideology which promotes democratic federations of collectivized trade unions as the basic political and economic units of the socialist state. Trade unions are equally owned by its members, have complete economic and political control over the workplaces they organize, and are given great amounts of autonomy from the central government. On a larger scale the various trade unions elect members to regional and national trade union congresses which form the legislative and executive powers of the central government.

These are the more extreme radical people who oppose the u-nuts. And They also want to overthrow the Federation as well

(Jason Galente) #2

This would never work.

(Arrendis) #3

So why do only trade union members get representation in government? What about people who aren’t union members? Are they just… ignored?

(Angelus Universalis) #4

I applaud your honesty, Miss Shaishi.

(kul Shaishi) #5

The Syndicalist want to overthrow the Federation

(Angelus Universalis) #6

I want an Opux Luxury Yacht! Maybe one day…

(Loai Qerl) #7

I am so curious. What does this system do with people who cannot take up a trade? What about people who cannot work at all?

(kul Shaishi) #8

Ask them yourself if you’re interested

(Loai Qerl) #9

I am asking you, because this is your thread and I have no clue who “them” is. Don’t be shy.

(kul Shaishi) #10

The Syndies Mainly operate in lower classes cities in the Federation. If you baseline in there you’ll find them half the time you’ll see them clashing with u-nut militia

(Coulter Phelps) #11

Funny…that’s what I was about to say.

(kul Shaishi) #12

Anyone wondering this is The more commonly used symbols of Syndicalism


(Jorge Stanton) #13

u-nuts, you said what i was thinking :joy: