A Summation Of The Arcadian Union

This is essentially an attempt to look at what a more Egoist/Anarcho-Syndicalist Faction within EVE might look like. If you’re interested in how the guiding philosophy of this faction works I reccomend looking at the philosopher Max Stirner

The Arcadian Union is a secessionist movement containing members of all four major empires. It is governed according to a principle of “Absolute Egoism” The belief that the one should live their life by prioritizing the benefit of their own ego above all things, And that one should only work with another for so long as the relationship with other benefits them. As a result their is a distinct divide between all major institutions within the Union and membership is voluntary to the extreme, one may leave or join a “Union Of Egoists” whenever they wish and for whatever reasons. Despite this Highly Anarchic structure the society does have methods to ensure everything is able to run smoothly. The Federation Of The Syndicates acts as an elected body of delegates from all Unions within Arcadia, managing diplomatic relations, millitary unions, and social security. While this has resulted in personal autonomy that is truly inconcievable to outsiders it has also resulted in intense factionalism and ideological purity testing. Those who do not adhere to Arcadia’s Hardline Atheism are routinly ostracized and often end up living in their own seperate districts, further stoking tensions. Arcadia’s Relationship to the other Empires is generally less than friendly. Their attitude towards the Amarr is hostile to the extreme. Often backing Assassinations, Terror Bombings, sabotage, and even Coup attempts. While they openly support all slave revolt movements in both Amarr and Minmatar territories and are willing to back these words up with material support. The most violent and radical revolt movements will generally attain the most favour.

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