T.R.I.A.D Recruiting [Null Sec] [Minmatar FactionWarfare] [Ushra’Khan]

Miners welcome, now pewing moons. Fist extraction a massive success. Almost makes you want to hug a slaver… nah… come pew them too.

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Who’s your friend who likes to play?
Their rockets make you yell "Hooray!"
Who’s the best in every way, and wants to sing this song to say


Spent 3 hours mining low sec Moon Rocks and got paid 60 million isk last night. Was worth it for the conms banter. Join us if you want to do that too!

Or if you’d rather pvp in low sec / null sec or make crazy isk in null, join us too! We’ve got opportunities to try it all!

Some guys came to entosis our system last night, so we killed them:

The Rapier did cyno in caps before he died but we were too slow to catch those :frowning:

So we went on a roam, found their alliance leader and killed him instead. :slight_smile:

10/10 will take revenge on alliance leader again!

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Join us now! Maximum fun!!!

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Last night in EVE we formed to pop an enemy Raitaru that was anchoring. We were super excited as we undocked 5 jumps from our target to go hit it in its final anchoring vulnerability window. As we jumped the first gate our entire fleet was slaughtered by overwhelming firepower from a third party t3 cruiser fleet that cynoed in.

After killing us, they went on to kill the Raitaru. I don’t believe the t3 cruiser gang would have come to the area had we not formed.

So… Op Success?

We’re pushing back the Amarr in faction warfare. Come join us!

Good to see U’K still active.

Yup! We’re doing pretty much everything you can do in eve at the moment!

Recruit! recruit!

Come join a small group carving out our own space in null!

Somebody tried to hot drop my VNI yesterday: https://zkillboard.com/kill/66223986/

Join us!

Yesterday we defended a Raitaru and reinforced a staging POS our enemy had anchored. They deployed Revlation and Thanatos just outside the POS so we bumped the Rev until it died. The Thanatos made it back inside the POS shields in structure.

Join us so next time the Thanatos dies.


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Hey, what are the differences between the various U’K militias?

Are there any in particular that are recruiting/ any that are not recruiting, for example?

And which ones might be best for someone operating within EVE time ((ie. UK/ Euro time)?

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

I assume you mean which U’K corp? There’s one minmatar militia which Ushra’Khan is a part of.

I’ve asked each corp to come on a give a brief intro. We’re all active in EU timezone and pvp focused. It’s a close knit alliance and whichever corp you join, you’ll end up flying with all of us.

I’ll kick off for TRIAD:

In addition to getting our hands dirty in pvp, we also like to take the high level strategic view. We run a lot of the IT infrastructure to support our null and low sec operations and are very much involved in ensuring ships are deployed and available to alliance on contract. We’re one of two corps with structures in null (though all structures are open to alliance). TRIAD is quite small right now and we’re working hard to grow.

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We at Masuataa Matari are one of the founding corps of UK we are involved in faction warfare pvp pve null low sec and mining we are small group looking to grow we are very friendly and will help new and old players alike we don’t have a skill point requirements if your interested send a mail to nebuan or starcasher

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Is TeamSpeak comms essential right off the bat? I hope to be set up with such after xmas but don’t have access to audio comms at present.

If you aren’t able to listen on comms then you’ll struggle to be involved in corp and alliance activities. Mic is prefered but not absolutely essential

No worries, totally understand.

I’ll touch base again when I get some comms set up.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Good day Doc. Looking to join a fw Corp. You still recruiting?