T1 Logi Cruisers - Tanking Question

What’s the strongest solo T1 Logi Cruiser (actual tank) that is posible - if your willing to share. Implants and etc… included.

All feedback is much appreciated… as well as pros and cons.


Auguror. Nuff said

I’m on mobile, hence I won’t post any fits, but hit me in game if you want. Shield reps Osprey and amour reps Exequror with approx 65k OH, good resists and small deadspace reps as trade off to the tank… speaking of sheer EHP. All T1 logi cruisers are super cool and each suits very well for something else. The winner might be scythe solo in small fleet with large ancillary rep with massive rep power ashaming aven T2 cruisers… all depends

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Thanks for the feedback friends, I’ll be in touch Baltic.


The “tank” of the t1 logi is mobility. No matter how large you ehp may be, you will get roasted if you stop moving.
But not to fear, they t1 logi cruisers are quite mobile.

Exequror with it’s low signature radius and 4/6 med/low slots makes it an excellent choice for logi cruiser survival.

Oh yes! I have several of those still fit and ready to undock. Exequrors are awesome.

And I can say the scythe is nice as shield logi too. I was able to try this boat in the last SiSi mirror and found it quite capable.

The repair power is okay for the class and price tag and the fleet ones work very well.

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