T1 Manufacturing to cover fuel costs


So I’ve set myself up a raitaru as a small base of operations on an alt account and I’m pretty new to industry so I guess I’m looking to at the very least recoup my fuel costs for the structure (at present) one service module. Does anyone have some recommendations on what I can start producing?

Something that produces at least 150M in profits each month if you use a Raitaru. That’s the fuel cost just for the Industry service.

Yeah that’s roughly the price I had estimated. I think about 7 fuel blocks per hour or something? Perhaps you could point me in the right direction towards a few items I could look into?

People won‘t let loose on their profit secrets, else they wouldn’t be profitable anymore. :wink: Do your research.


Fair point, didn’t fancy having to muddle my way through hundreds of items just to find something xD Are there any 3rd party tools that might be useful?

Anything that someone mentions here will become unprofitable in a instant.

Grab calculator and figure out yourself what is profitable. My tips would be to look into modules that don’t have meta variants, rigs, trig stuff if you find cheap blueprints from abyss runners.


This tool has the answers for everything, but its a bit of setup and learning. Dont trust the numbers blindly and do your own math, but its a good way to find items.

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Web based, I’m using https://www.adam4eve.eu/ for research.


Blueprint Calculator - Blueprint Display is a great resource to browse through various blueprints and get an idea of profits. tech 2 modules are the best first step into more complicated production and can be the best isk for your effort. tech 1 rigs can be a great starting point for anyone.

For the fuel cost and expenses u can put low tax and make it public access if its on hs system. You can start with frigates, cruisers and b.cruisers for production. I suggest u need to calculate your expenses good before getting into work order such as worth of materials.

Have fun, fly safe o7

I would be careful about making it a public station because this will eventually lead to war and you losing your structure, depending on where it is.

Even though I plex my accounts with manufacture, I’m not familiar about making money with T1 manufacture. My wild guess would be that everything that requires the new components can make you more gain then the classic “single click” material->item manufacture.

The construction of a single Caldari Navy Hookbill, using fully researched component BPOs and starting from zero, consumes Evepraisal - Appraisal 11mcb3: 20.22 Million Buy / 47.54 Million Sell, which, even if you buy the items with buy orders, is 20M, while the resulting Hookbill is sold at Evepraisal - Appraisal 11mcbc: 13.81 Million Buy / 14.48 Million Sell, which means you lose 6M isk.

However, because reaction materials are involved, quite a bit of composite reactions will have been overproduced, i.e. reactions were created but not completely consumed to construct the Hookbill. The excess reactions could be sold on together with the Hookbill (which I would not do), or they can be reused when building the next Hookbill(s).

If 10 Hookbills are built, it requires Evepraisal - Appraisal 11mcbs: 111.15 Million Buy / 350.86 Million Sell. 111M for 10 Hookbills means 11M isk for each Hookbill, which is 3M below the Hookbill’s sell price. As the job got larger, the excess reactions became less relevant. Also, the research level of the component BPO started making more impact, because it wasn’t just rounded away.

Forget about taxes from other players. If you anchored your engineering stations at a place with a lot of competition, it’ll be turned into someone’s “weekend content” anyway, because the established corporations don’t like competition. If there’s no competition from other corporations, the system index is going to be very low, even if you spam manufacturing jobs as hard as you can. This is good, because at the sub-percent index level many highsecs have, not to mention low or null, you can outrightedly ignore fees alltogether when you use the station yourself. However, taxes are evaluated on the index, so a 10% tax is a 10% tax on the sub-percent index, resulting in a sub-permille tax… You might get a little money every now and then, but unless someone builds his orca / freighter in your station, it won’t compensate for fuel.

I’d rather make the opposite: Put a 0% tax on the station, hoping to attract other players.

Navy ships are terrible example since 90% of them come directly from LP. Not industry. That’s why most of them sell below material prices.

Indeed. I had forgotten the faction ships have no regular BPOs. Well, at least not to the vast majority of players. A Raven yields about 30M isk gain per raven, but Ravens are a logistic hazzle due to the 50.000 m^3 size they have, so I assumed it to be a better idea to build 10 faction frigates rather then 1 bs for the same price.

The R-O Trigger Neurolink Conduit is the central piece of price optimization of the Hookbill. It uses 10 Reinforced Carbon Fibers, but each time you cycle the reaction formula, 200 Reinforced Carbon Fibers are produced. This means that you have 190 left, and you can use these leftovers when you build the next Neurolink for your next Hookbill…

…for the Raven, it would be Core Temperature Regulator instead. In order to produce one Core Temperature Regulator, the outputs of

Complex Reactions
3x Pressurized Oxidizers Reaction Formula => 600 Pressurized Oxidizers, 500 Used
3x Reinforced Carbon Fiber Reaction Formula => 600 Reinforced Carbon Fiber, 500 Used

are required, which on their side will consume the output of
Simple Reactions

Simple Reactions
3x Carbon Fiber Reaction Formula => 600 Carbon Fiber, 600 Used
3x Carbon Polymers Reaction Formula => 600 Carbon Polymer, 600 Used
1x Oxy-Organic Solvents Reaction Formula => 10 Oxy-Organic Solvents, 6 Used
3x Sulfuric Acid Reaction Formula => 600 Sulfuric Acid, 600 Used
3x Thermosetting Polymer Reaction Formula => 600 Thermosetting Polymer, 600 Used

. After completing the Core Temperature Regulator Production, you will be left with

1 Core Temperature Regulator
100 Pressurized Oxidizers
100 Reinforced Carbon Fiber
4 Oxy-Organic Solvents


If the Core Temperature Regulator Blueprint is to be cycled twice, i.e. 2 Core Temperature Regulators are to be produced, the total consumption will need you to cycle

Complex Reactions
5x Pressurized Oxidizers Reaction Formula => 1000 Pressurized Oxidizers, 1000 Used
5x Reinforced Carbon Fiber Reaction Formula => 1000 Reinforced Carbon Fiber, 1000 Used

which require the output of

Simple Reactions
5x Carbon Fiber Reaction Formula => 1000 Carbon Fiber, 1000 Used
5x Carbon Polymers Reaction Formula => 1000 Carbon Polymer, 1000 Used
1x Oxy-Organic Solvents Reaction Formula => 10 Oxy-Organic Solvents, 10 Used
5x Sulfuric Acid Reaction Formula => 1000 Sulfuric Acid, 1000 Used
5x Thermosetting Polymer Reaction Formula => 1000 Thermosetting Polymer, 1000 Used

and result in the production of

2 Core Temperature Regulator

and no leftovers, assuming the BPO was unresearched and the station had no bonuses either (which isn’t realistic). The point here, however, is that while 3 runs of most formulas are needed to build 1 Core Temperature Regulator, in order to build to build 2 Regulators, the overproduced reactions from the first Regulator can be used to reduce the required amount of reactions for the second Regulator, yielding in only 2 additional runs of most formulas being needed to build the inputs for the second Regulator. If you don’t take the overproduction into account, 3 additional runs were needed, and you’d be left with more reactions materials. In case of the Oxy-Organic Solvent, no additional runs are needed at all since the overproduction of the first run cpmpletely covers the requirement for the second run.

This is a property that the new-component based ships share with t2 items, just that t2 items scale harder, to the point where it can be said that if only one t2 module is produced, it’s impossible to produce it at jita trade prices, but when you build 1000, you can sell to Highsec Buyback (evebuyback.com) at 90% jita and still make income

The production leftovers are periodic, though not necessarily in the economically feasible range. In the example of an unresearched BPO in an NPC station, it’s every 2 runs. Assuming the component Blueprint was fully researched, it will harmonize a lot worse with the overproductions and be periodic to use up all inputs at 40 runs, which turn Evepraisal - Appraisal 11mfi6: 378.77 Million Buy / 397.71 Million Sell into Evepraisal - Appraisal 11mfrm: 540 Million Buy / 560 Million Sell (using 90 runs of each formula other then oxy which uses 18 runs). It’s not all that great, but it’s not too bad, either, and definitely can make you some nice profit, even if you highsecbuyback it at currenlty 468M isk.

The link posted in T1 Manufacturing to cover fuel costs - #9 by Fish_Hunter can tell you about time efficiency and how station configuration, implants, system modifiers and whatnot effect you.

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If you maintain some suitable PI to make elements for the fuel itself, you can push the cost below 100m per month if you have only one service module online.

Nonetheless, I think it’s a risky proposition as, depending on your Raitaru’s equipment, you’re putting just under or well more than immobile 2b into space - and WeR4, RIOT and Blackflag are exactly the ones looking for structures like yours. I would advise decommissioning them as soon as possible unless you are absolutely sure you can defend them. You can probably find the structures you need for your purposes nearby, the rest is just blingbling.

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