T2BPO Whine Thread

My song was missing from the new forum,

I posted in the morning when the world was begun
I posted from the Moons and the stars and the Suns
I came down from Heaven and I danced on the Earth
At Caldari Institute 5 moon 3 I had my birth:

I posted for the bitter vets and the Devs of CCP
But they would not post back and they wouldn’t follow me
I posted for the noobs and for the good Kugu
They came with me and the thread went on:

Post, post, wherever you may be
I am the lord of the T2BPO whine thread, said he
And I lead you all, wherever you may be
And I lead you all in the thread, said he

I posted on a Friday when the world turned black
It’s hard to find time to post with invention on your back
They buried my thread, they thought it was gone
But this thread will never ever die and so the posts go on!

They cut me down and I leapt up high
I am the life that will never, never die
I’ll whine with you if you’ll whine with me
I am the Lord of the T2BPO whine thread.

End T2BPO it was unfair then it’s unfair now and detrimental to the game.


Seriously they need to get rid of T2 BPOs. It’s totally unfair to the 99%. The 1% are getting rich on the backs of the hard working pilots in the universe.

Make EVE great again!

Most T2 BPO’s are so low volume they don’t make any impact on anyone’s margins

Thanks for the posts 2 dudes, but in all honesty this cause is as dead as the game is. I don’t really give a ■■■■ what happens to T2BPO an neither should you. Our cause is long dead alongside 3/4 of CCP’s employee’s contracts.

If EVE gets a long deserved reboot we can triumph this cause, but at this point in time I’m just here to laugh and make jokes at expense of CCP’s remaining employee’s.


I told you that non transparent reimbursements would slowly kill the game, I was correct.

I told you that T2BPO would kill the game, I was correct.

I told you that promoting underage gambling & allowing 3rd party gambling sites would land you in hot water, I was correct. (I am pretty smug about my very early action in regards to this). ( CCP only committed to a U turn when it became clear just how serious the investigations & impending back lash which was stacking was amounting.) Shame your dumb ■■■■ EA rep was not able to translate this to their overlords before the SW BF Loot Box Bullshite.

I told certain developers that they were in for redundancy, I was correct. (Within Months of notifying).

I told you that allowing botting was short sighted, I was correct.

I warned you about upcoming DDOS actions, (that you were very late to defend against) & I was correct.

I am contemplating running for CSM or maybe even speculatively applying for a CCP board room position, I’d do a darn sight better than current board members. ( Don’t besmirch CSM positions, your last chance to ever apply is fast approaching) & despite how much I despise CCP as a company now I can’t stop loving the original idea of EVE.

Please don’t. The last thing we need representing the playerbase is someone who goes around making long posts that say nothing except “I told you so”

‘‘I told you so’’ is in reference to my EVE-O forum posting.

In which I stand by, it is clearly far more than post-diction.

I point in particular to my T2BPO whine threads, my Pos siphoning posts (if pos siphoning is being made pointless then so is the dev team behind it, BYE!.), my open reimbursement requests, my Plex price prophecy (by the way buy PLEX the sky is the limit long term) & also on my free to play prophecy (ahh so many doubters|).

When it comes to Eve-O posting I am never wrong, when it comes to CSM I shalt not be wrong, when it comes to Eve board rooms, well lets just say Brew K can save Eve. CCP you have my contact details, I will respond shortly to any salary offers.


When was the last time a girl talked to you irl lmaoooo


I will respond shortly to any salary offers.


Also bro, people have been saying this game is “dying” literally since 2002. Where are your numbers to back this up? Sub statistics? Daily player counts? I’m just saying. Same goes for this bit about T2BPOs. How is it killing the game? I just don’t understand.

The game still is plenty alive and there is content everywhere. Feel free to prove me wrong, but until then I’ll be hanging out.

Oh P.S.

Do you wanna buy a Scordite Mining Crystal II BPO?

‘‘Clearly an event occurred at CCP where someone put forward the well thought out invention plan but sadly another tard existed who had a half arsed idea called a T2BPO lottery that got let out the bag first. Can some one link with information to who these individuals are and what other areas of eve they work on? Or is there some crazy Jeckle and Hyde character at CCP who made both? Who comes out with brilliant ideas for gameplay (Invention) and then suffers from severe bouts of brain damage (T2BPO).’’

2012.06.15 14:32:00 Brew K Original Eve-O forum, ahhh sooo true.

My early thoughts on Siphon units, also the decimation of team behind these units from me and other users.
circa 2014

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